can someone please explain

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Original Post

coiyooc says

the problem with bi-polar and other mental illnesses? I don't get it. I'm only asking because there have been several threads in the last few days pertaining to mental disorders.

Posted at 6:33pm Jul 21, 2007 EDT


mabith says

A lot of it is mood swings, especially bi-polar. One minute everything is fine and the next minute you're getting yelled at and everything you say has been taken out of context and there's no way to tell when the person is going to get like that or when they're going to stop or what they really feel and mean.

Maybe that's not all bi-polar, but my best friend has rapid cycling bi-polar and that's how HE is.

It hurts to be yelled at for no reason and not know if someone is going to be "themselves" or some strange angry person on a day to day basis.

If mental illnesses didn't make themselves known in various ways like that we wouldn't have a name for them.

Posted at 6:38pm Jul 21, 2007 EDT

mabith says

Oh, and if you read those threads you'll hear plenty of stories.

Posted at 6:38pm Jul 21, 2007 EDT

OK why was that from the point of view of an outsider, not how it feels to HAVE the illness? It's good that you don't have it, and I don't wish you to, even so you could understand.

But you just basically said bipolar is someone all of a sudden going mad and b**ching at you.

Not it at all.

Posted at 6:40pm Jul 21, 2007 EDT

"the problem with bi-polar and other mental illnesses? I don't get it."


I don't understand your question. Are you asking what mental illness is is general? Or what bi-polar is? Or what it's like to have it, or what?

Posted at 6:44pm Jul 21, 2007 EDT

coiyooc says

mabith, I've read the threads, that is why I'm confused. When the topic repeatedly gets the "I disowned my family member" it bothers me. surely with proper medication it isn't so bad that you have to sever contact with family and friends.

Posted at 6:44pm Jul 21, 2007 EDT

I have it, and I'm well-medicated, but I'll try my best....

Bipolar is this mixture of being normal, having depression, and then either hyper highs or maniacal obsessive craziness.

It's weird, I am a happy person. But sometimes I get really down, I just feel so blah. Then sometimes I freak out and cry. I can get upset over little things and like cry, not yell cry. If someone is fighting with me I CAN get nasty back, but ...

How a bipolar person acts, like how badly he/she acts, depends on how s/he is being treated by those around him/her. If there's this environment of negative energy, it can make me feel like I have no control or peace in the world and I don't know how to deal.

When someone loves you and treats you with patience, the bad times can sometimes be like nothing.

That's what it's like with me, IN MY EXPERIENCE, related to my parents (bad factors) and versus my BEST FRIEND (my supportive, helpful rock).

Oh and then I usually get the manic in which I make rash impulse spenditures! Stuff like that. Obsessive and impulsiveness is a HUUUUUUUUUUUUGE part of bipolar.

It's a rocky mental illness.

But if one is medicated, usually we're happy and feel healthy, if that's our personality.

I hope I've cleared this up!

Posted at 6:45pm Jul 21, 2007 EDT

coiyooc says

cheapthreads, in the last several days there have been several threads b*tching, for lack of a better term, about mental illnesses. I don't get what the problem is that leads to the b*tching.

Posted at 6:46pm Jul 21, 2007 EDT

coiyooc says

milly, thanks for sharing your story.

Posted at 6:48pm Jul 21, 2007 EDT

I understand your concerns and confusion, coly. I had never even heard of such disownment before because of bipolar, actually. It came out of the woodworks. I think creativity and family illness must go together a lot of the time, for one thing.

It isn't bad with proper medication.

Unfortunately for MANY, I am one of the good cases.

It's true, many don't want to take meds but I can't explain at all why. I don't have those thoughts or desires and I can't understand one.

Even though I'm horribly unlucky to have this disease and the surrounding issues it's caused me and my family. I AM one of the LUCKY ones.

Posted at 6:48pm Jul 21, 2007 EDT