You're a Suicide Girl... Would You Admit it?

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Original Post

I know all hell seemed to break lose when Etsy first mentioned they might be putting ads on -- Anyway... hypothetically speaking, and this obviously goes out the most to those who are not against SG -- If you were a Suicide Girl and sold stuff on Etsy, would you admit it? Why or why not? How would you deal with the effect this may or may not have on sales?

For everyone else the question is... if you found out one of your favorite sellers (or some one you were considering buying from and/or have bought from in the past) was a Suicide Girl, would you stop buying from them? Why or why not?

I just felt like causing a little trouble this morning and thought this might spark a heated debated. lol, I guess we'll see...

Posted at 1:16pm Jul 22, 2007 EDT


What's a suicide girl?

Posted at 1:19pm Jul 22, 2007 EDT

modflo says

being a suicide girl is so far from my plans in life that i don't have to worry about whether i'd reveal it here!

as far as buying from someone who participated on that website, i certainly would not let that bit of information influence my decision.

Posted at 1:20pm Jul 22, 2007 EDT

I want to know too, what's a suicide girl?

Posted at 1:21pm Jul 22, 2007 EDT

omg! i secretly dream of being a suicide girl!

Ive got black hair and tattoos, please!

And my answer is that i would buy MORE from them because i would probably adore them, the cutest girls ever alive!

Posted at 1:22pm Jul 22, 2007 EDT

ravenshold says

As someone who is pretty far from being a Suicide Girl it wouldn't bother me at all, I would still buy from them if they had something I really wanted.

Posted at 1:22pm Jul 22, 2007 EDT

Sooo whats the big deal with them?

Posted at 1:22pm Jul 22, 2007 EDT

Suicidegirls is a website of hot girls that are not your typical hot. Tattooed rad chicks and yes, there is nudity.

Posted at 1:23pm Jul 22, 2007 EDT

its just great to have something taht recognizes that not just Playboy type girls are hot...

Posted at 1:23pm Jul 22, 2007 EDT

here is there myspace, there is no nudity on it but it is suggestive if taht bothers anyone:

Posted at 1:24pm Jul 22, 2007 EDT