I stopped wearing makeup today.

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Original Post

I went to the beach yesterday and washed my face before going, and it felt really pure to walk around with no makeup.

So I woke up this morning, showered, washed my hair, and went to work without wearing makeup.

My skin feels good. Clear. Kind of raw and exposed, but maybe that's a mental state.

I like it. I'm going to give this a whirl.

Posted at 11:14am Jul 23, 2007 EDT


Yay! I love make up though. But I don't wear tons of it.

Posted at 11:15am Jul 23, 2007 EDT

awesome, i wear make up maybe once a year.

Posted at 11:15am Jul 23, 2007 EDT

Be glad you look so good you can get away with it!
I however, don't look so fab, but will leave the house without makeup occasionally. I usually wear mineral makeup, so don't really feel it.

Posted at 11:15am Jul 23, 2007 EDT

prisma says

You go girl! :D

I never really wore make-up to begin with. Just eyeliner. Now I don't wear any.

Posted at 11:15am Jul 23, 2007 EDT

My skin is too ugly to go without make up.

Posted at 11:16am Jul 23, 2007 EDT

i rarely wear make up..it is so much better for your skin. you will thank yourself later..just remember to moisturize and sun screen..and you'll have great skin when your older. i think men really dig the natural girls too..like your not hiding anything!

Posted at 11:17am Jul 23, 2007 EDT

PansPantry says

I almost never wear it. People act all shocked when I do.

Posted at 11:17am Jul 23, 2007 EDT

i go without makeup all the time...tho i really shouldn't! lol
right now it's just too hot, it's pointless....when it's 118 degrees it just melts off anyhow

Posted at 11:18am Jul 23, 2007 EDT

cheepcheep says

I rarely ever wear make-up. It's just too hot here. If I do, it's some light brown eyeliner and blush. I don't even need any of that anymore, because I got a nice, healthy tan the other day, so I have a nice glow.

Posted at 11:18am Jul 23, 2007 EDT