I stopped wearing makeup today.

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Most days I don't wear any. Some days, if I feel like it, I'll put on some eye make-up and lip color. My make-up routine is entirely dependent on my mood! (Which, really, is a nice place to be. I have no qualms about heading anywhere with a bare face.)

I can not STAND the feel of foundation on my skin - too much like a mask. The only time I wear it is when I'll be on stage. I'll sometimes put some powder on if there's gonna be lots of picture taking going on.

Posted at 1:00pm Jul 23, 2007 EDT

duhbree says

i don't wear makeup really.


Posted at 1:05pm Jul 23, 2007 EDT

Lemonade says

I only wear mascara. I can't stand the feeling of make-up!

Posted at 1:15pm Jul 23, 2007 EDT

This seems to have turned into the anti-makeup thread.

Funny because as I was snapping some random shots for yesterday's Hair Avatar Day (<----hence the photo) I saw the pics of myself and did NOT care for the non-makeup look I had going. I don't think I look awful, but I do think things balance out much better with it on (just look how big my nose looks in that picture! Oh wait, you don't actually know that my nose isn't that big...nevermind). I've also learned so much about protecting skin from air pollutants, sun and wind damage...the list goes on. It's all about what looks right and feels right to each person. Sometimes I have learned that women who say they hate it actually have a lot of insecurity about what they're doing and if they're doing it right. I'M NOT CRITICIZING ANYONE! I'm just saying I wish we would feel more comfortable in the discovery, learning, and exploration if we wish rather than bashing ourselves for not looking good OR thinking it's a political statement of freedom against the establishment to go without makeup.

Posted at 1:16pm Jul 23, 2007 EDT

I only wear make-up to weddings and funerals. Oh, and on my anniversary when hubby and I go out for our annual nice dinner we can't afford, lol.

Although as I get older and more haggard looking, I may change my mind. I have realized that even without my kids along, I no longer get carded when buying wine. Wah!

Posted at 1:17pm Jul 23, 2007 EDT

yoboseiyo says

sans makeup is the way to go!

i almost never wear it, and everyone is always saying i have great skin.

you'll stop feeling so nekkid soon. it's more a mental thing than a physical thing.

Posted at 1:17pm Jul 23, 2007 EDT

KiWiCuties says

Now, i have to chime in and remind the naked faces to wear a good sunscreen. Janelle, my derm recommends Neutragena or Eucerin for us adult acne gals.

Posted at 1:18pm Jul 23, 2007 EDT

Even I wear sunscreen on my face and I'm oh so dark. Sunscreen- it's awesome!

Posted at 1:19pm Jul 23, 2007 EDT

I don't wear makeup...ever.
I do wear my sunscreen, I like the Neutragena kind (not greasy).

Posted at 1:20pm Jul 23, 2007 EDT

I wear less makeup then I used to but I wouldnt go totally without. I use lushboxinc mineral makeup and a bit of shadow, liner and a lip stain. I find using the mineral makeup improves my skin and leaving it bare makes it oily and blotchy, plus it acts as an spf so I dont have to worry about that.

Some girls/women look nice and fresh without makeup, I dont...I look tired and OLD...lol


Posted at 1:29pm Jul 23, 2007 EDT