Portland Or Picnic - Thus 26th - Show n' Tell

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Original Post

Tea Time this week will be outside - Picnic! Yeah!

Bring the kiddos, bring your craft, bring stuff to do, or yummies to eat. Oh and bring picnic stuff ie something to sit or lay on, and sunglasses...

I thought it would be way fun to do a show n' tell - so bring a few examples of things you make and sell on Etsy and be prepared to be amazed by what all everybody else brings. Just a couple of examples will do... if you want to bring samples/promos/cards to give out thatd be cool (but not required by any means)

11am - 2pm
Laurelhurst Park
SE 39th Ave & Stark St

heres a map:

Posted at 12:42pm Jul 23, 2007 EDT


Yeah Leah! Where in Laurelhurst? I love things I can walk to.

Posted at 1:10pm Jul 23, 2007 EDT

NE Corner of the Pond

I will try and find an orange tablecloth and a picnic table - so if you've apprehensive of coming just look for the orange Etsy picnic table!!

Judi it will be good to see you there! I can't wait to check out more of your work. Your shop is yummy!

Posted at 2:07pm Jul 23, 2007 EDT

Hey curlygirlglass! You live in my neighborhood! See you at the picnic!


Posted at 9:45pm Jul 23, 2007 EDT

This is close enough to call my neighborhood. I have a bunch of kids at my house that day, but all are older and well behaved. Would love to preview my stuff for the Aug 11 sale.

Posted at 9:55pm Jul 23, 2007 EDT

That sounds like soooooo much fun!!!!! If the weather stops this crazy non summer spree I'm totally up for it!!! Kiddos and all! ;O)

Posted at 10:14pm Jul 23, 2007 EDT

its supposed to be beautiful weather like today! yeah!

bring the kiddos - bring the craft - im stoked to see all you lovely ladies and your artwork!

show n' tell will be great!!

Posted at 7:14pm Jul 24, 2007 EDT

Hey all!

I JUST moved to Portland (originally from OlyWa, then to Columbus, etc) and I am in need of a crafty fix! I don't have anything I have made, but when I can't craft, I surround myself with crafty fantastics from other people.

I will be the girl who doesn't know anyone, so please be nice!


Posted at 8:27pm Jul 25, 2007 EDT

Hi Gina

not only are we nice - but we will be easily identifiable by the orange picnic table cloth :) I was even humoring bringing a sign. is that too dorky?

of course everyone is welcome to come with/without craft. Tea Time is welcome to all!

I am looking forward to the picnic. It was beautiful out today and I had to work!

Posted at 10:11pm Jul 25, 2007 EDT

MissPurl says

Woo hoo!

Picnic in the park.

I may be late but you never know I might be on time.


Posted at 11:40pm Jul 25, 2007 EDT