Help me fix my shoes that make bad noises. when I walk...

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Original Post

I just got a new pair of shoes - cute loafer like dress shoes... the tag line is "shoes that make love to your feet"... ok, they are not that good, but pretty comfy
none the less... I wore them around the house, fine.

When I went to work today they started to make fart noises... just the left shoe and not every step... The shoes are leather and I do not wear stockings, nylons, socks or other similar items on my feet. It was not that hot today and the noise was most noticeable walking down the quiet hall in my office. Really, I can not walk around with my shoes making fart noises...

What do you suggest I do to make the noise stop? My foot does not slip in the shoe, the size is just right - not too big and not too small... I looked and there does not seem to be anything that is systematically causing air to gush out...

I know y'all will have some great ideas for me!
Thanks, 2much

Posted at 7:06 pm Jul 23, 2007 EDT



oh i wish i could help. i have bought shoes like that before and was at a loss at what to do!

maybe if you use a leather conditioner on them and break them in more at home, they might stop farting.

Posted at 7:07 pm Jul 23, 2007 EDT



um hahahahaha maybe hahahaha I don't know

Posted at 7:10 pm Jul 23, 2007 EDT

LOL! I just bought a new pair of flip flops that go "pbftttt" every now and then. I think it's because I have a high arch and the shoes are very flat.

But I have a pair of slides that squeak. Well, one of them does. How the heck do you oil your shoes???

2much, your post keeps making me laugh!

Posted at 7:11 pm Jul 23, 2007 EDT

ambika says

My right sandal (it's a slide), makes fart noises. It cracks my boyfriend up to no end. If I walk very carefully, it'll stay quiet. If I knew how to fix it, I would.

Posted at 7:13 pm Jul 23, 2007 EDT

Thanks... I'll look around to see what kind of shoe conditioner I have. The shoes are really soft leather already... It is really disappointing since the problem did not "sing out" until I went to work - outside the house...

Posted at 7:16 pm Jul 23, 2007 EDT

How about those sole liner thingies? Would that help?

Hey, at least your feet don't stink AND fart! :p

Posted at 7:18 pm Jul 23, 2007 EDT

Baby or foot powder should stop that. It's because of friction, when you step your arches flex and push a pocket of air out.

Posted at 7:19 pm Jul 23, 2007 EDT

I thought about some powder as an option... I'll try that tomorrow as I know just where the powder is :)

Posted at 7:22 pm Jul 23, 2007 EDT

pookajinx says

teehee funny

Posted at 7:24 pm Jul 23, 2007 EDT

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