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Original Post

I made one for me
from my own work & am using it as a promotional page & catalogue.

To make your own poster go here
add your favorite shop items (cut & paste the listing id into the little boxes) in which ever order you like. Take a screen shot (apple shift 4 on mac, I don't know about pc) of the poster & tada!!!

You can imort the photo of your poster into word or text edit, add the necessary information & print it out to show the world (printing on photo paper makes it extra good).

I'd love to see the posters people create, if you have a flikr or photo hosting account link the thread, it is the best new tool on Etsy yet!

Posted at 10:51am Jul 27, 2007 EDT


ocbaby says

Super idea!!!! I love it!

Posted at 10:56am Jul 27, 2007 EDT

awesome idea! thanks for that

Posted at 10:57am Jul 27, 2007 EDT

free2fly says

Great idea!! Unfortunately I already used my sketch to submit an entry and now when I go back to the sketch, its already used with my choices. (didnt know that would happen..) ...

I might do this with a treasury list sometime, just real quick and pop my items in just for a screen shot, and then remove them all ... and hopefully noone will freak out and say I am self promoting in those few minutes, LOL

Posted at 10:57am Jul 27, 2007 EDT

Looks cool, thanks! I'll have to do that later.

(pssst...and thanks for letting me know about the mac screen shot as I never knew that, either)


Posted at 10:58am Jul 27, 2007 EDT

NickiGrace says

littleput, do you sit around thinking up all these great ideas?? I feel like Homer for not thinking of it myself ... d'oh! Thanks!

Posted at 10:59am Jul 27, 2007 EDT

poetry3 says

free2fly, you can edit the other items out of your poster sketch tool.

Posted at 10:59am Jul 27, 2007 EDT

Free, can you edit & replace? I had a few things in there from one I was creating & just changed the item #s. It worked fine.

Posted at 11:00am Jul 27, 2007 EDT

kellybot says

Neat idea!

I submitted a poster through the sketch tool and I was able to go back in and do it again with stuff from my shop (did not submit though).

Posted at 11:00am Jul 27, 2007 EDT

NickiGrace says

Do you suppose they are planning on leaving that poster tool up after the contest is over, btw? Hope so.

Posted at 11:01am Jul 27, 2007 EDT