Morning After Pill

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Original Post

ktgarvai says

Why are we still fighting over this?

In my very humble opinion, I think this is a right that every woman should have, regardless of others moral convictions.

Posted at 4:04pm Jul 27, 2007 EDT


W(hy)TF would you become a pharmacist if you don't want to dispense drugs?!

argh. I can't even get started again.

Posted at 4:06pm Jul 27, 2007 EDT

Lollibomb says

That is so disappointing. =(

Posted at 4:07pm Jul 27, 2007 EDT

Interesting topic.

Here's my question... if I own a pharmacy, as far as I know, the feds have no control over what I choose to purchase from the wholesaler, and then stock for sale. If I don't wanna sell birth control pills, I don't have to. If I don't wanna sell chemotherapy pills, I don't have to.

That's my understanding. I may be wrong.

If my perception of the law as stated above is correct, than why on earth would the morning after pill be federally mandated for sale in a shop I own?

Posted at 4:08pm Jul 27, 2007 EDT

Really, what is the problem here? Just do your job.

Posted at 4:08pm Jul 27, 2007 EDT

Stupid pharmacists in Washington. :(

Posted at 4:09pm Jul 27, 2007 EDT

pitterpattern says:
Really, what is the problem here? Just do your job.

The problem, as I understand it, is that pharmacists who hold deep moral convictions about abortion consider this to be something wrong and immoral.

I don't agree, but that's my understanding of the issue.

You can't very well tell someone, "don't be a pharmacist" if they've been one for 20 or 40 years already.

Posted at 4:10pm Jul 27, 2007 EDT

luxelife says

it seems that if one believes so strongly against abortion that they would be huge supporters of birth control.


Posted at 4:13pm Jul 27, 2007 EDT

the profession/industry you're in is bound to change in 20-40 years. if they can't adapt, they should leave. but if your job is to give someone the medicine they were prescribed, then do it.

Posted at 4:13pm Jul 27, 2007 EDT

great point, luxelife. a very interesting and frequent contradiction.

Posted at 4:15pm Jul 27, 2007 EDT