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Original Post

EtsyStore says

Hey guys! From posting this thread: and hearing a lot of your ideas, the Etsy Labs is currently compiling a HUGE list of resources that will soon be available to all of you and the entire online world...muuahahaha....

We would love to get your help to make the resource categories the best they can be and need your help in the supplies category.

If you wouldn't mind sharing, tell us where you get your online supplies and post the link. We are looking for both Etsy supply sellers and general suppliers of everything you can think of!

Thanks guys, we can't wait to show you what we've been working on!


Posted at 11:48am Aug 8, 2007 EDT


claycass says

I like and for my jewelry supplies.

Posted at 12:00pm Aug 8, 2007 EDT

Some secrets are best kept ....

Posted at 12:01pm Aug 8, 2007 EDT

luvmypets says

One of my favorites is Scrapjazz

Posted at 12:01pm Aug 8, 2007 EDT

I'd tell you, but then I 'd have to send my rabid attack wombats to your house. Wouldn't be pretty, the neighbors would stare. ;)

Posted at 12:03pm Aug 8, 2007 EDT

I could see all the frantic posts now...
SHE stole my idea!
HE STOLD my idea!
WAH WAH WAH how could they?

Posted at 12:06pm Aug 8, 2007 EDT

please don't make me send out the flying monkeys

Posted at 12:07pm Aug 8, 2007 EDT

letitiah says

I currently buy sterling silver and goldfill kidney hooks from periwinkleblue at ... but I need larger quantities so will check back again to see if anyone knows of alternate sources!

Posted at 12:10pm Aug 8, 2007 EDT