Etsy Customer Service Telephone Number

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Original Post

There really needs to be one. :)

I need to speak to someone quickly and, though I called the labs, which have hours until 6, no one's answered several times in the last hour.

I realize that this may mean an influx of calls, but it's important to be able to have instant contact if something goes very wrong.


Posted at 5:43 pm Aug 15, 2007 EDT


quirkybags says

I think this is a good idea.

I hope you're able to quickly work out your problem gemmafactrix!

Posted at 5:44 pm Aug 15, 2007 EDT

They mentioned something about setting up a customer service department when they posted in the blog about new changes...hopefully they'll share the number soon :)

Posted at 5:45 pm Aug 15, 2007 EDT

beadkiss says


I don't know if it'll work, but I'm sending you a convo . . .

Posted at 5:46 pm Aug 15, 2007 EDT

gemma - did something go very wrong?

Posted at 5:47 pm Aug 15, 2007 EDT

Yeah - it'll get worked out! But it'd be much easier to work out on the telephone than via email. :)

Even live personal chat would help!

Posted at 5:48 pm Aug 15, 2007 EDT

moxieandoliver says:
gemma - did something go very wrong?


yes, yes it did. but it's nothing traceable! haha.

Posted at 5:48 pm Aug 15, 2007 EDT

The best way to contact the Support team is to email with all the relevant details. Honestly.

Posted at 5:49 pm Aug 15, 2007 EDT

EtsyStore says

Our phone has been quiet for awhile. Are you sure you have the correct number?
But I must admit, the Etsy Labs community space (Daily hours 11-6) are *not* the people to contact for site support issues. You gotta email

Posted at 5:54 pm Aug 15, 2007 EDT

Yes, there is no Etsy phone support, and there will likely not be any in the near future. It would be a *massive* undertaking!

Posted at 5:55 pm Aug 15, 2007 EDT

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