Need Help with a Baby Gift: Boxing theme

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Original Post

jkalea says

I've been asked to create a diaper cake for a shower for a baby boy, and the theme is boxing (as in the sport).

Any suggestions?? All ideas welcome (even silly ones!).


Posted at 11:37pm Aug 15, 2007 EDT


jkalea says


Posted at 11:39pm Aug 15, 2007 EDT

Boxing theme for a baby shower? That's one I have NOT heard before!!

Maybe a little ring (as in, what they box in) as the base and stack the diapers inside? Maybe do layers of squares (like a normal square cake), bound with the ring elastic thingys? I am making any sense whatsoever?!?! Hard to explain I suppose...

Try again: Square layered cake. Each layer surrounded with the elastic boundaries of a boxing ring with posts in the corners...

Gosh, I suck at explaining!

Posted at 11:44pm Aug 15, 2007 EDT

That is a very difficult theme for a baby shower!
Boxing gloves, very tiny,
Cake in the shape of a boxing ring!
Good luck:)

Posted at 11:44pm Aug 15, 2007 EDT

Last try: Mini boxing rings stuffed with diapers in graduated sizes. Haha!

Posted at 11:46pm Aug 15, 2007 EDT

I'm sending my thoughts telepathically to you now...

Posted at 11:46pm Aug 15, 2007 EDT

lilybeans says

That's a good idea Cashmere. Maybe you could get your hands on some rock'em sock'em (the vintage game things) robots for the top or look at a sports shop for some kind of boxing ideas. Wow, what a different theme huh? Sounds fun!

Posted at 11:46pm Aug 15, 2007 EDT

bstep401 says

Oh WOW! Good luck! I can't even picture anything except tiny boxing gloves. Don't know where you would find those however. Maybe use boxing action figures somehow? I don't know! Would love to see what you have when you get it figured out.

Posted at 11:46pm Aug 15, 2007 EDT

Poodlelove says

Make baby items(like blankets) from boxing fabric.You can then add this to the cake.Don't forget a booboo bunny,for all the pains the boxer will get!

Posted at 11:47pm Aug 15, 2007 EDT

What is a diaper cake?
Cake with Diapers?
*so confused*

Posted at 11:49pm Aug 15, 2007 EDT