my 'Buy Now' button not encrypted!!

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Original Post

mandinka says

OK- I just had a friend try to buy something and when she hit the paypal buy now button on the reciept page, a warning page came up and it said "the seller accepts encrypted website payments only. you can not pay the seller through unencrypted buttons. Please contact seller for more details." Then a button "return to seller for more details"
I've e-mailed etsy support, but I'm about to have a nervous breakdown here.
Has anyone else had this problem?

Posted at 3:51pm Aug 16, 2007 EDT


It's a Paypal setting. Let me see if I can find an older thread.

Posted at 3:52pm Aug 16, 2007 EDT

Here's a thread I am reading right now. You may be a faster read...

Posted at 3:55pm Aug 16, 2007 EDT

Etsy Admin
This is an issue with the seller's paypal settings -- they will need to turn off their PayPal account's option to only select encrypted PayPal buttons, and open their account up to unencrypted PayPal buttons.

Posted at 3:57pm Aug 16, 2007 EDT

dyno says:
Selling Preferences: Encrypted Payment Settings
click Website Payment Preferences link:

scroll down to Encrypted Website Payments
make sure Block Non-encrypted Website Payment is marked OFF

Posted at 3:57pm Aug 16, 2007 EDT

I think that's all you need to know. Your buyer will be able to buy once that setting is changed.

Good luck! :-)

Posted at 4:00pm Aug 16, 2007 EDT

That happened to me too. I had to change it in my Paypal settings.

Posted at 4:02pm Aug 16, 2007 EDT

mandinka says

OMG! Thank you, thank you!
I've changed my settings and things seem to be working ok now.
I was, like, freakin' out! :-)

Posted at 5:03pm Aug 16, 2007 EDT

Gwinna says

Is this an internet safety issue?

Posted at 5:23pm Aug 16, 2007 EDT

MayaBella says

hmmm... How would we know if that was happening with our own shops? I hope its not.

Posted at 5:38pm Aug 16, 2007 EDT