ETSY OWLS Challenge #2 VOTE for your favorite!

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Original Post

This week's theme was baby, child, or family friendly items. We have five contestants. Click the links below to view them, then visit my blog at to vote for your favorite.

Then, if you don't mind. Please post something here to keep the thread up on top so that more people can vote.

The entries are:

Jamie's "Here Piggie Piggy"

Kristen's "Bella Sweater"

Rita's "Autumn Baby Headband"

Sharon's "Chocolate Bath Truffles"

Wendy's "Fairy Princess Headband"

So which one is your favorite?

Again the voting poll can be found at

Thanks for voting!

Posted at 6:52pm Aug 26, 2007 EDT


ooh! ooh!! pick me!! PICK ME!!!!


Posted at 7:02pm Aug 26, 2007 EDT

no, no, pick me!!!

Posted at 7:10pm Aug 26, 2007 EDT

5 votes are in so far!

Posted at 7:16pm Aug 26, 2007 EDT

knotartWA says

yes I know where to vote :) so it's about how many votes ? or sells???

Posted at 7:18pm Aug 26, 2007 EDT

corgi - i tried to vote but my pc won't let me stay on your blog page for more than 2 seconds. Trying to fix it so I can vote.

Posted at 7:19pm Aug 26, 2007 EDT

knotartWA says

sorry I give my Wote to Wandering :)!!!!!!!!

Posted at 7:24pm Aug 26, 2007 EDT

JanyMarie says

I voted!!

Posted at 7:29pm Aug 26, 2007 EDT

Did I win? LOL

Posted at 7:50pm Aug 26, 2007 EDT