Mailing scales.... which one do you have and where did you buy it ?

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Original Post

Im looking into purchasing a scale to weight my packages and send from home... but I dont know where to start! Where did everyone get theirs, and what type is it ? How much is too much to spend on one?

Posted at 10:45 pm Aug 27, 2007 EDT


I first used a diet food scale then got scared it was not giving the corect weight so purchased a postal scale from the post office. My food scale was right on the weight as it turned out. Think I paid around $30 for the posttal scale from the post office.

Posted at 10:48 pm Aug 27, 2007 EDT

I have a Royal "ex2 Exactascale" digital scale I got several years ago at Sam's Club. I've weighed things at home and then taken them to the post office and it seems pretty accurate. I can't remember the exact price, but I believe I paid under $25 for it. I like it because it's small - only about 5.5 x 7. When I think of the gas I've saved by not having to run to the post office to get something weighed - I think it was a good investment!

Posted at 10:52 pm Aug 27, 2007 EDT

I bought one on feeBay. It was $25 bucks all inclusive. Runs on batteries or an AC adapter. It's digital, up to 30#. Next time I might just go to my local office supply store.

Posted at 10:54 pm Aug 27, 2007 EDT

sweetside says

I'd like to know too! I'd like a scale that can handle heavier and bigger packages. I currently have the scale but it can only weigh items up to 5 pounds. I think it still comes free with their 4-week trial offer.

Posted at 10:57 pm Aug 27, 2007 EDT

catiesblue says

I have a two pound mechanical scale that I bought for about $12 from Office Depot. Part of me wishes I had bought a digital one, but for now, this is okay.

Down the line, I'm going to buy a digital scale/label printer combo, but I can't justify the expense right now.

Posted at 11:03 pm Aug 27, 2007 EDT

USPS scale.

Posted at 11:06 pm Aug 27, 2007 EDT

jaimers says

I got one on Ebay for under $15 and it's from It weighs up to 5 lbs.

Posted at 11:41 pm Aug 27, 2007 EDT

Office Max~ even has the postage for USPS on it for each zone~ outdated now since they changed the rates~ but I can account for that... until they raise them again.

Posted at 11:42 pm Aug 27, 2007 EDT

I ended up with more than one since I kept finding I needed something else the first one didn't have. Some things to think about: do you need grams or ounces (or both?); is 5 lbs enough (boxes can be heavier than you think and it can be easier to go over 5 lbs); how important is battery run/ac run?; some have a tare option where you can weigh the box, hit tare and the weight goes back to zero, then it just weighs what is in the box (nice if you are trying to weigh a bunch of things). Hope that helps. Got one from ebay and one from although I don't recommend them - very difficult to reach someone by phone if you need to.

Posted at 11:48 pm Aug 27, 2007 EDT

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