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Original Post

mamaziel says

I feel like I package my items very well, I wrap them in tissue paper, tie a nice bow around the package, send a note and a coupon. I always make sure they are safely packaged as well.

I'm just curious what the rest of you do.

What works the best for you?

What really blows you away when you get a package?

What bothers you about other's packaging?

Any tips for keeping packaging costs down?


Posted at 11:06 am Aug 29, 2007 EDT


I have yet to perfect my packaging technique.

I will send items in a jewelry box, tied with a bow and send in a bubble cushioned envelope.

The reason why I say I am trying to perfect that is the jewelry boxes I have don't have padding - any cotton padding will get stuck in my jewelry that is "bead and wire". So the one item I sold I send in a jewelry bag, that was put in the jewelry box etc.

Not sure that was the best presentation, but I didn't want the necklace to be damaged by bouncing around the box during shipping.

Posted at 11:10 am Aug 29, 2007 EDT

um, that would be sent not send...

Posted at 11:11 am Aug 29, 2007 EDT

mamaziel says

I totally understand about the jewelry packaging.

Posted at 11:16 am Aug 29, 2007 EDT

I've learnt to post all of my items in flat bend proof mailers, unless they are fabric or not breakable. Postage isn't always kind.

I love getting something that is wrapped nicely with a little handmade note. I do not appreciate an item being wrapped really badly in recycled packaging. I received one item wrapped in two thin sheets of magazine pages. I complained and was told that it was my fault that I didn't appreciate the recycling. I have no problem with recycling if the seller does it in a way that doesn't affect the items safety when being posted. Especially for long journeys when no insurance is involved. (because if there was any damage the seller wouldn't take any responsibility even though they posted it badly packaged...) In this case there was a huge gaping hole in the package (my hand could go in). So it was disappointing.

I've received so many gorgeous things though in gorgeous packaging or boxes. I'm quite happy to pay a few extra $ to get something in really great condition, and I'll definitely return to that seller. Oh - and another seller just threw her gorgeous items into a thin paper bag and posted them. Lucky they were fabric.... but it was awful to open up and have them all just spill out. No notes, no packaging... no nothing.

Just my few cents... xox

Posted at 11:20 am Aug 29, 2007 EDT

EtsyStore says

I love when someone sends a really uniquely packaged item from recycled materials...when they transform the materials into a really beautiful packaging idea.

It really bothers me when anything about the package smells like smoke...yes even bubble wrap and paper can reak like smoke...for realz!!

Little freebies are always awesome but totally not necessary, especially if the packaging alone rocks my socks off!

I'm loving that you take the time to package your items with care and include a coupon...that seems like a key way to gain repeat customers and getting repeat customers is the best way to keep a successful business!

Keep up the great work!


Posted at 11:23 am Aug 29, 2007 EDT

EtsyStore says

Oh and I also had posted this cool packaging link in another thread last night about etsy packaging pictures.

Check it out:


Posted at 11:25 am Aug 29, 2007 EDT

BCharmer says

I think first of all, it's critical to make sure that your item will arrive in perfect condition, not bent, creased, dirty, broken, etc. Then, I like to make sure that the presentation of the item is beautiful. I want my customer to feel like their opening a gift. They are buying something handmade with love, and I want my packaging to reflect that. That doesn't mean that you have to spend a lot, though. I get colored tissue paper and ribbon at JoAnn's with a coupon. I invested in a sticker maker (used a coupon again) and I make stickers with my logo and business name. I wrap the item in tissue, close it with a sticker, and put a pretty ribbon around it. Lots of people send extras, but I can't afford to do this yet. If you do send extras, make sure that they're nice and that they're use-able. It sounds like your packaging is really nice, mamaziel.

Posted at 11:27 am Aug 29, 2007 EDT

mamaziel says

great thoughts.

I've been leary about using recycled packaging.

I only use it on PIFs or donations...otherwise I stick with new materials.

I know some sellers note in their announcement they use recycled packaging, that seems like a good way to let your customers know what to expect.

Posted at 11:28 am Aug 29, 2007 EDT

mamaziel says

ooo great link etsylabs!

Posted at 11:29 am Aug 29, 2007 EDT

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