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Original Post

I am happy to announce that after a great deal of research, we are now ready to add many new categories and subcategories to the site. You will notice these additions over the course of the next two weeks. Thank you to everyone who sent us their ideas and feedback. Please take the time to review the new additions located on the Etsy Wiki and add your comments to the forum discussion or on the wiki page itself. If you feel you still do not have an appropriate place to list your items please add your comments. It is not too late to update this list.

Etsy Wiki:

In the meantime we are still working on a complete overhaul of the category structure which will allow users to shop for items based on how & where items were made, who it's for, when and where it's most commonly used and what tools, methods and materials where used to make it. There will also be special search features within each category where buyers can search for clothing by size, find jewelry made from a specific stone or metal, or find food which is vegan friendly. Our goal is to have this completed by early 2008, but in the meantime you may add your feedback and ideas here or in the Etsy Wiki.

Thanks for all your great suggestions and patience!

Posted at 4:24pm Sep 4, 2007 EDT


nek2c says

Wow! What a great list, Christine! Thank you!!!

Posted at 4:26pm Sep 4, 2007 EDT


so super awesome

Posted at 4:27pm Sep 4, 2007 EDT

I make hula hoops and wick covers for fire performance equipment. Which category would you suggest I put them in?

Posted at 4:28pm Sep 4, 2007 EDT

Can I suggest that an ACEO section be added somewhere in the Art category?


Keep up the great work Etsy!!!

Posted at 4:28pm Sep 4, 2007 EDT

Oh, this is so great! Many thanks for improving the buying and selling process for all of us, as well as, being good listeners.

Posted at 4:28pm Sep 4, 2007 EDT

Thank you so much!!!

Posted at 4:28pm Sep 4, 2007 EDT

DancingMooney - There is now a new collectible category where aceo is a subcategory.

HyperloopHoops - That sounds like an everything else category. Do you have any suggestions or ideas as to a subcategory for your work?

Posted at 4:31pm Sep 4, 2007 EDT

Very nice! I did see a suggestion (a few days ago) for a "pin" or "brooch" category in jewelry.

Posted at 4:32pm Sep 4, 2007 EDT

marajane01 says

cool :)

now we need a way to mark forums started by admin, so you know -before- you click on it. :)

Posted at 4:32pm Sep 4, 2007 EDT