Help with a Chat room!!

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The E with the circle. Sorry everyone!

Posted at 4:31pm Sep 7, 2007 EDT

thats internet explorer. Close down all your active windows with the X... you might even have to restart your computer to clear them out but you are still in the chat room 4 times.

Posted at 4:33pm Sep 7, 2007 EDT

SoCaliGirl says

To clear your cache:

Go to Tools ---> Internet Options ----> clear browsing cache and all cookies.

Reboot the computer and you've just made sure the deed was done.

Posted at 4:33pm Sep 7, 2007 EDT

Don't worry. People at Etsy love to help each other. I'm not a windows person so I can't offer instructions on how to clear your cache, but hang in there, it sounds like you've got some very knowledgeable folks working it out with you.

Posted at 4:34pm Sep 7, 2007 EDT

jared says

Appearing multiple times in a chat room is usually an indication that there are network troubles between your computer and our servers.

What generally happens is you are disconnected in some way, then you reconnect. When you reconnect, you see your old self still there. The reason is because the way you disconnected confused the server, and it thinks you're still out there somewhere, just being very quiet. Eventually it will decide the connection is invalid and automatically remove these old copies of you. We call them ghosts.

They're more spooky than anything. They don't hurt anything.

If you're on a wireless connection, try moving closer to the source. If you have a network administrator handy, tell him you're dropping packets. Good luck!

Posted at 4:45pm Sep 7, 2007 EDT

Thank you to everyone who helped me! And for being patient with my clones!!!

Posted at 4:52pm Sep 7, 2007 EDT