I'm inviting the world into my bedroom

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Original Post

EyePopArt says

Hey all-

After two years of waiting, I am finally going to get to see myself on TV!

HGTV's "Look What I Did!" is a show about "homeowners who break the design mold."

My segment is called "Psychedelic in Portland" and it's about the master bedroom of my house which is filled with mandala murals. It's really cool.

It will be on tonight (Wednesday September 19) at 5:00 pm ET/PT. That's HGTV, the Home & Garden network on cable.

If you catch the show, please convo me and let me know what you thought!

Posted at 11:50am Sep 19, 2007 EDT


oh man I wish I had cable I would love to see! How cool!

Let us know if it gets posted on youtube!!!

Posted at 11:51am Sep 19, 2007 EDT

Awesome! Unfortunately I won't be home in time, but if you know when it will air again, please post that too.

Posted at 11:52am Sep 19, 2007 EDT

kobedog says

i love that show, i will try to remember to watch! congrats!

Posted at 11:52am Sep 19, 2007 EDT

katzs4 says

thats huge!! congratulations~!

Posted at 11:54am Sep 19, 2007 EDT

EyePopArt says

Thanks guys.

I am having a friend record it on a DVD but I'm not sure about how youtube works - isn't it illegal for me to post it on there without HGTV's permission? As far as I know the network will NOT give permission for anything like that. But that would be really cool.

Posted at 11:55am Sep 19, 2007 EDT

cheepcheep says

Oh, awesome! I'm totally going to check it out!


Posted at 11:55am Sep 19, 2007 EDT

oh my gosh that is awesome!!!! congratulations! i don't get hgtv...post again if it gets on youtube

Posted at 11:56am Sep 19, 2007 EDT

can't wait to see it

Posted at 11:57am Sep 19, 2007 EDT

EyePopArt says

Anyone know how to get something on youtube without breaking the law?

Posted at 12:14pm Sep 19, 2007 EDT