I have a question about the privacy of convos

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Original Post

I read on the Unoffical Etsy News earlier today that convos are not private. Does anyone know if this is true?

Although I doubt people are really writing personal things, I can imagine on those types of threads where people ask for help(ie domestic violence) it should be private.

So, can admin read them if they want to?

Posted at 7:06pm Sep 20, 2007 EDT



Dude! Convos aren't private?! Is this true? That would be weird!

Posted at 7:10pm Sep 20, 2007 EDT

does anyone know, Please?

Posted at 7:18pm Sep 20, 2007 EDT

I'm sure they can. Just like yahoo or google can read your emails. The question being, why would they bother? Technically, the government can tap your phone line, but they rarely do.

Posted at 7:18pm Sep 20, 2007 EDT

supastarr says

Very interesting. I'd like to know the answer as well.

Posted at 7:19pm Sep 20, 2007 EDT

Well, since convos can be muted, I've sort of assumed they can be read.

Posted at 7:20pm Sep 20, 2007 EDT

juliajae says

I would imagine anything on here is available to admin and likely able to be hacked it you really wanted to

Posted at 7:21pm Sep 20, 2007 EDT

Yes, I seem to remember that Admin has the ability to read convos, although they are on the honor system not to abuse the privilege.

Posted at 7:23pm Sep 20, 2007 EDT

Thanks everyone. Not comforting, but thanks.

Posted at 7:24pm Sep 20, 2007 EDT

(Don't believe everything you read on the UEN.)

Your Conversations are private.

In cases of disputes or abuse, Etsy's Admin may ask your permission to view your Convos to get the full story, but this is rather rare.

Posted at 7:25pm Sep 20, 2007 EDT