Pantone Fall Color Trend

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Original Post

Analiese says

I used to work a lot with Pantone in my old job - so I wanted to share a link to their fall color trend for 2007. I did this in the spring as well

It is good to know what colors are hot this season

I also made a treasury using the Burnt Ochre and Carafe colors

I hope the link works - it is a PDF file

Please check out my treasury also

Posted at 9:30am Sep 21, 2007 EDT


This is so great. There is another thread about trends for fall. You may wish to post the link as well.

Hope your son is doing well.

Posted at 9:32am Sep 21, 2007 EDT

Thanks, that's really interesting to see what's trendy.

Posted at 9:35am Sep 21, 2007 EDT

Analiese says

Thanks Sherry - I will check it out

And - guess what - the tics are gone for now - a couple of days now - so I am hoping that it was just the anxiety :)
Thanks for your concern.

Posted at 9:35am Sep 21, 2007 EDT

AWESOME!! Thank you so much for this; I always love these little charts... makes me feel like I'm so "in the know". lol. And your treasury is lovely; burnt ochre is one of my favorite shades of orange...

Posted at 9:36am Sep 21, 2007 EDT

I love color forecasts! Thank you, this is great!

In case anyone is interested, Handwoven magazine does color forecasts as well (wouldn't surprise me if they work with Pantone, actually) - the current issue (Sept./Oct. 2007) already has their forecast for spring/summer '08.

Posted at 9:36am Sep 21, 2007 EDT

I'm so glad. That former social worker in me, just had an inkling it was the start of school!

Have a wonderful weekend.

Posted at 9:38am Sep 21, 2007 EDT

Analiese says

Thanks skiingweaver - I will check that one out also

Thanks again Sherry :)

Posted at 9:42am Sep 21, 2007 EDT

That is great. Thanks for the tips.

Posted at 9:46am Sep 21, 2007 EDT

I am redoing a bedroom in my house in the colors of dusk, burnt ochre, and carafe and that was before i saw this. don't i feel trendy.

Posted at 9:50am Sep 21, 2007 EDT