Is Daniel Johns Gay?

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If you google:
Daniel Johns gay

you'll see it's the talk of the internet!

"I'm definitely not scared of being gay," Johns says. "I couldn't care less. Ever since I was a little kid people thought I was a girl or a fag or whatever. I really have never cared. I quite enjoy it. My best friends are gay. I've never gone out of my way to say I'm not gay."

Posted at 11:44 am Sep 22, 2007 EDT

"Being married doesn't make you not gay."


That is very true.

Posted at 11:44 am Sep 22, 2007 EDT

LOL what???

Posted at 11:45 am Sep 22, 2007 EDT

Lucid, no problem. I hate to think someone reads too much into a benign question, curiousity is part of learning and getting along I think.

Posted at 11:45 am Sep 22, 2007 EDT

Ok, and I'm not trying to stereotype here, but is it a surprise that Neil Patrick IS? One of my gay friends can spot a gay guy in a straight bar -- there is such as "gaydar" and I'm not being cruel, because I love all people. Body, sexuality is physical - soul, personality is eternal. Doesn't matter the body you're in. Ever see the Star Trek Next Generation with the Trill story? Very touching. (Oh, and I'm not a trek fan, necessarily, I was my husband's captive the night I saw it!! Just to clarify!)

Posted at 11:47 am Sep 22, 2007 EDT

I used to have the biggest crush on him!! He looks completly different now.

I also had a crush on N.P.H. (Neil Patrick Harris LOL) and was a wee bit bummed when he came out, but if it makes him happy thats alright with me.

Posted at 11:52 am Sep 22, 2007 EDT

Neil played a gay character on WILL AND GRACE shortly before he went public. I suspect he made a lot of dreams come true that night....

Posted at 11:53 am Sep 22, 2007 EDT

BinarySoul says

i wasn't trying to read more into a benign question, it just seemed ODD, that's all.

Wearing makeup or "acting effeminate" are not nessesarily indicators of being gay.

( neil patrick harris? when i heard that, i'd have never guessed. Until someone openly states I am this, i tend to not try to speculate or assume. It's their business.)

Just trying to clarify what I meant.

Posted at 11:54 am Sep 22, 2007 EDT

Yep, Daniel Johns has gone all Freddie Mercury (without the horse teeth)!

Posted at 11:58 am Sep 22, 2007 EDT

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