visited Treasury list bug

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Original Post

jared says

Lists in the Treasury show that you have visited them while you have not.

Go to your Flash settings manager at Adobe:

Find '' in the list of Visited Websites. Select it. Press the 'Delete website' button. This will clear the Flash cookie we've stored on your computer. Return to the Treasury and press refresh and things should be back to normal.

Thanks and apologies for the inconvenience.

Posted at 12:09am Sep 28, 2007 EDT


rats.....sat there for 30 minutes......ah wasn't meant to be

Posted at 12:24am Sep 28, 2007 EDT

Thank you, Jared.

Posted at 12:35am Sep 28, 2007 EDT

Huh. Interesting.

There's another bug...when I leave a comment, it immediately says I left it 7 minutes ago!

Posted at 9:22am Sep 28, 2007 EDT

That might be a difference between your computer clock and Etsy's clock, Tiger. I've heard people talking about this sort of thing before... :)

Posted at 9:27am Sep 28, 2007 EDT

Thanks, Jared!

Do you ever sleep?!

Posted at 9:33am Sep 28, 2007 EDT

humblebea says

Thanks, Jared! I'm so glad to have the lists back again!

Posted at 9:54am Sep 28, 2007 EDT

Thanks for all your hard work, it was nice to see them again. I did what you said. Thanks too for spelling it out, that is the only way I can function on the cumputer.

Posted at 11:02am Sep 28, 2007 EDT

cumputer=computer typo

Posted at 11:03am Sep 28, 2007 EDT

oh, that explains the situation,
and here I thought I had a ghost or something in my house visiting the treasury when I wasn't looking.

Posted at 1:52pm Sep 28, 2007 EDT