how to checkout and actually pay, a tutorial for your non-buyer

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Original Post

kinchi says

Yesterday I posted a 'Do you leave feedback before reporting a transaction' thread. Many people were in the same situation or had been and I came to the conclusion i was ready to leave it.

But it hasn't been nessesary! It was the checkout part again. I did a search for a tutorial by Starry Designs, which I remembered contained some handy screenshots from her Flickr and couldn't find it (I never can)
So I wrote my customer a new one, using Starry designs screenshots and the customer found it useful and managed to pay.

I'll paste it here for people who will encounter other non-buyers as there seem to be loads of them.
(I recommend bookmarking or just copying it somewhere unless you're really good with the etsy search function as it is..)

Check out step by step

You can go back to the check out for your item when logged in to Etsy, click on the grey 'your Etsy' tab and click on 'purchases', in blue, at the top left corner.

After you filled in your adress you see a thing with 'pay now with paypal' That's the button you should click for either creditcard or paypal. See it here:

It takes you to paypal. You'll see a screen where you can choose your payment method. If there's currently no money in your paypalaccount you can also choose to use your creditcard in the bottom part of the screen:

To pay with paypal you clicked 'login' and got to this screen,

for creditcard 'continue'and you got here:

Now just enter the information in the screen and if everything is done and you're at the bottom of the screen click the 'continue checkout' button (for creditcard) or 'pay' button (for paypal).

This will lead you back to an Etsyscreen with a big green check saying your payment came through!

With a big thanks to Starrydesigns for her screenshots, she saved my transaction!!

Posted at 9:12am Sep 29, 2007 EDT


Thanks for posting this!

Posted at 9:13am Sep 29, 2007 EDT

thank you SO much for this. i've had two customers this week that have been cofused over the checkout process!! thank you thank you!!

Posted at 9:15am Sep 29, 2007 EDT

TOTALLY USEFUL! I'll put this in the next installment of the Newbie Guide :)

Thanks for taking the time to do this!

Posted at 9:15am Sep 29, 2007 EDT

kinchi says

Thanks, glad to be of help! this must be the most tiresome and frustrating experience on Etsy, making a sale and not knowing if you'll ever get paid..

Just copy&paste it in one of your numerous emails and convo's you'll send during 'The Three Days After'!

Posted at 9:21am Sep 29, 2007 EDT

"this must be the most tiresome and frustrating experience on Etsy, making a sale and not knowing if you'll ever get paid."

yes, yes, yes.... you are spot on here!! this has been the most frustrating.... thank you again - this couldn't have come at a better time... i needed to send an email out this morning, and i came to the forum and saw this!! :-) yea!!

Posted at 9:23am Sep 29, 2007 EDT

bookmarking! Thanks for doing this!

Posted at 9:31am Sep 29, 2007 EDT

Emmalynne says

What a good idea!

is there anything else we can make tutorials for?

Posted at 9:35am Sep 29, 2007 EDT

bookmarking! Thanks a ton!

Posted at 10:17am Sep 29, 2007 EDT

yarndeb says

Thanks for the info.

Posted at 10:19am Sep 29, 2007 EDT