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Original Post

tpdesign says

I did this forum a while back, but I loved learning about everyone so I thought I would start it up again.

Do you know who you are, or are you having trouble figuring out an identity for your shop? Knowing the answers can help you stand out from your competition. A simple way is to ask yourself these 3 questions...
1. Who are you?
2. What do you do?
3. Why is that important?

I'll go first
1. Tamara, owner of TP Design
2. I create home decor and other handmade goods
3. I want to create things that help people to connect to the world around them and inspire them to look at things in a new light.

Your turn. What are your answers...

Posted at 11:17pm Sep 30, 2007 EDT


This is a great exercise - really made me think!

1. I am Jen, owner of Illusionary Art
2. I create...anything and everything I can!
3. Creating brings me joy, and what I create brings others joy!

Posted at 11:21pm Sep 30, 2007 EDT

PussDaddy says

I hope to sell one day and have no idea how to portray my shop. All I know, is that my PussDaddy avatar stays, lol.

Posted at 11:23pm Sep 30, 2007 EDT

julipbags says

1. I'm Amby, owner, designer and all-around grunt behind Julip Bags.
2. I create bags for niches that need to be filled, or at least expanded.
3. I like it when things are HANDY and PRACTICAL, not just attractive...but I try to create products that are all three!

Great post!

Posted at 11:23pm Sep 30, 2007 EDT

tpdesign says

Great answers! Off to a great start! Who else?

Posted at 11:25pm Sep 30, 2007 EDT

CDChilds says

1.I'm CDChilds, owner of Designs by CDChilds
2. I create anything that has a touch of glass in it or mixed media.
3. Creative is how I think. I can't think any other way.

Posted at 11:26pm Sep 30, 2007 EDT

1. Who are you? susan
2. What do you do? way too many things!
3. Why is that important? whatever i do it always crosses over into everything else!

so, no, i don't know who i am ;) i would really like to do one or two techniques with my jewelry but i can't. i play with metal, felt, seed beads and a few other things. i can't force myself to narrow the focus.

Posted at 11:27pm Sep 30, 2007 EDT

1. I'm Melanie, owner, designer of all things at Strawberry Hill.

2. I design cards, scrapbooking layouts as well as scrapbooking kits, and other paper craft kits.

3. This is what I have been wanting to do for years! (full time I mean) and I'm finally giving it a shot! I looooove creating paper crafts. I seriously can't stand to go a day with out making something! This is my absolute passion!

Posted at 11:28pm Sep 30, 2007 EDT

Great thread!

1. I'm Jaime. Owner of Stink Bone Jones Boutique.
2. I created handpainted onesies/shirts as well as paper items.
3. I want to provide items for moms that want cool and very different designs for their babies/toddlers to wear. It makes a mom smile to dress her little one in something that she knows noone else has. I know because I'm a mom.

Posted at 11:28pm Sep 30, 2007 EDT

tpdesign says

CDChilds, your pendants are too cool!

Posted at 11:28pm Sep 30, 2007 EDT