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Original Post

kellirene says

How come the treasury I just got is only good for two day where other treasuries are good for 3 days? Makes no sense to me!

Posted at 1:01pm Oct 3, 2007 EDT


craftheart says

that happened to me too once. my daughter and i both got one at the same time. mine was good for 2 days and hers was for 3

Posted at 1:02pm Oct 3, 2007 EDT

kellirene says

Seems unfair.

Posted at 1:03pm Oct 3, 2007 EDT

kellirene says

I'm officially asking the admin why this happens. This isn't the first time.

Posted at 1:06pm Oct 3, 2007 EDT

It's randomly assigned... I think the idea is that all the treasuries won't expire at once. :)

Posted at 1:07pm Oct 3, 2007 EDT

The treasury time limit is random, so that they expire at different times. It is just the way it is and has been for a while now. Not too big a deal, really.

Posted at 1:08pm Oct 3, 2007 EDT

yipestoo says

I get 2 days and 3 days. It's random.

Posted at 1:10pm Oct 3, 2007 EDT

Admin has answered this before: random timing ensures that a billions lists don't all expire at the same time.

Posted at 1:13pm Oct 3, 2007 EDT

kellirene says

The problem with the "random" concept is that we all work hard to put together our treasuries and when they end up smack dab in the middle of already existing listings they get lost in the mix and do not get viewed as much as the ones at the beginning.

I see no reason why they shouldn't be listed in the order that the titles are created. Just my opinion.

Posted at 1:14pm Oct 3, 2007 EDT

KarmaRox says

because then they would expire at the same time.

Posted at 1:15pm Oct 3, 2007 EDT