Dear crazy craft show patrons…

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Original Post

Peachcult says

I appreciate you, really, I do. I love my job and I love meeting all of you. It’s fun.
But some of you rode to my booth on the crazy train.
You stand there, surrounded by lots of people looking at jewelry, belt buckles and all the other little things that I worked so hard on. You look at what took me hours to make and sometimes years to learn to do. You flash big, 1000 watt smiles.
And you ask if you can buy my tablecloths.
My email list sign-up book.
My necklace displays.
My register.
The river rocks my trays are piled on.
You tell me God will appreciate it if I teach your church group to make things like mine. After all, the money you make selling stuff at this same craft fair will send your youth choir to Disneyland. You look around at all my Japanese inspired stuff and ask if I speak English. You want to come to my house to see my workroom. You ask if you have to be Catholic to attend the Albuquerque International Balloon Fiesta’s “Mass Accession”. You huff and puff, call my stuff crappy and ask for a discount. When I say no you storm out and send your mother/husband/child back to buy whatever it was you hated so much.
You ask to purchase my cat.
What can I do but smile sweetly, answer as nicely as possible, and hope that you have a pleasant train ride home?

Seriously, does anyone else get stuff like this? How do you keep from laughing/screaming/crying? I'd love it if you nice Etsy people would share a horror story or give some advice. Anything so I know it's not just me.

Posted at 1:33am Oct 6, 2007 EDT


I am sorry you had such a bad experience... You go back and tell them God appreciates it more that you are not out stealing, instead you are out there creating... and when they ask if you speak english, tell them, "yes, do you?" and laugh like it was really funny.
the nerve.

Posted at 1:40am Oct 6, 2007 EDT

I laughed out loud at the tablecloth request. I've had that one! It's like they want everything you DON'T have.

Posted at 1:45am Oct 6, 2007 EDT

Peachcult says

Most of the time I really am desperately trying not to laugh. Especially the cat one. Laughing at the customers is bad for business though, even if they are funny.

Posted at 1:45am Oct 6, 2007 EDT

I'm just wondering has anyone actually ever sold their table covers and displays to just random people who asked? Especially while you are using them?

I could "almost" see another vendor coming to you after an event as you are cleaning up and asking to purchase something or asking your for your source for an item. But just random "can I have that?"

Do they go to Target and ask to buy the carpeting and clothes racks?

Posted at 1:49am Oct 6, 2007 EDT

papersilly says

last year at a busy craft boutique, one lady stood in front of one of our displays and chatted with two other people standing behind our display. they kept anyone else from looking at the stuff they were blocking. it was so rude!! i finally had to step in between them and act like i had to straighten stuff out just to break of the conversation that lasted over 1/2 hour.

then there are people who want to cut through our booth to get to the booth behind us.

gotta love the boutique crowd. most are really great people but some are just strange.

Posted at 1:50am Oct 6, 2007 EDT

that's hilarious!!!
so bloody true!
I did an artisan show every weekend for the past 3 months and believe me,... it's crazy!

the best story is of the first craft show I ever did. I bought fun paper bags to put the purchases in. A lady reached over all of my handmade bags and accessories to my dollar store paper bag and asked 'how much?' In shock I replied "45 dollars and you get a handmade bag free!"

she didn't understand the humour.

Posted at 1:50am Oct 6, 2007 EDT

oh, I did sell a little mirror I had bought at value village to a guy. I used it as part of the display.. so people could see the pins I make on them. He pleaded to buy the mirror. I was completely honest and told him where I got it. He gave me all his pocket change which came to double the original price. I did it for the story.

Posted at 1:52am Oct 6, 2007 EDT

that is too funny!!!

Posted at 1:53am Oct 6, 2007 EDT

invita... I hearted your store... lovely!

Posted at 1:54am Oct 6, 2007 EDT