WIN a UniqueGrabs Handmade Card Contest!

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Original Post

How to Win a UniqueGrabs Handmade Card?

It's very simple!

1) Visit my shop at and select your favorite card.

2) Then, post in this thread the whole listing URL of the item that you have selected.

3) At the end of the month, I will conduct a draw to pick out 3 winners. Each winner will get to win their favorite handmade card. If the card is sold, the winner get to choose any card from my shop to be their prize. I will then mail the cards to the winners.

4) I will post the results in this thread and also at my blog at

Let's start the ball rolling! :)

Posted at 6:01am Oct 7, 2007 EDT


Thanks, EvelynX! :)

Posted at 6:29am Oct 7, 2007 EDT

selana1505 says

I really like this one:

but your other cards look great too

Posted at 6:36am Oct 7, 2007 EDT

Thanks, selana1505! :)

Posted at 6:41am Oct 7, 2007 EDT

Entering for the draw are :

Select your favourite card at and you will be qualified for the draw. Follow the above mentioned instructions :)

Posted at 9:03am Oct 7, 2007 EDT

This Thank You card is my favorite. They are all so pretty it was hard to choose just one!

Posted at 9:06am Oct 7, 2007 EDT

nakedtile says

I can guarantee that uniquegrabs' cards are absolutely beautiful and very well-made!!

One of my favorites:

Posted at 9:09am Oct 7, 2007 EDT

Thanks, happygrandma402905 and nakedtile! :)

Entering for the draw are :

Posted at 10:07am Oct 7, 2007 EDT