Polymer clay - Diamond varathane

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Original Post

For other polymer clay artists... if you use this finish, where do you get it? I've called around to my local hardware stores and no one can even order the "Varathane Diamond Polyurethane Interior Water Based" . They either have the floor finish or exterior. I'd like a 1/2 pint or quart of the gloss and semi-gloass.

I've read so many great things about this particular one that I only want to try it! I can't even order it directly through rust-oleum, they direct me to retailers.

Any help or advice would be appreciated! :)

Posted at 2:33pm Oct 11, 2007 EDT


SweetWolf says

I don't know about that stuff, but have you ever used Future floor finish? works great, available at the grocery store, and cheap!

Posted at 2:34pm Oct 11, 2007 EDT

meowgu says

Resins are a good way to seal your work too! Super fun.

Posted at 2:36pm Oct 11, 2007 EDT

TheTinyFig says

canadian tire!

Posted at 2:36pm Oct 11, 2007 EDT

TheTinyFig says

woops.. i guess u dont live in canada. my bad

Posted at 2:37pm Oct 11, 2007 EDT

I finally found it at a little shop that sells paint supplies. I tried all the big places and had no luck, but the little mom and pop shop had it.

Posted at 2:37pm Oct 11, 2007 EDT

Does future floor polish eventually wear off Sweetwolf?

I don't like resin.. i've tried and tried to use it and it never seems to work well. Plus, I'd like to have something waterbased and not as smelly because of a little one around.

Posted at 2:47pm Oct 11, 2007 EDT

Wistful.. there is a michigan based hardware store I like a lot, and they were helpful, but couldn't order the interior . Do you want to buy some for me and ship it? :) j/k, hopefully I'll eventually find it.

Posted at 2:49pm Oct 11, 2007 EDT

mosaico says

SweetWolf says:
I don't know about that stuff, but have you ever used Future floor finish? works great, available at the grocery store, and cheap!
I was over at PCC recently and someone asked which was better future or varathane. I know some people say they've never had a problem with future, but you can't argue with science and I don't want to take a chance of future coming in contact with products that would remove it. Sounds like rustoleum varathane is the way to go.

Sarajane Helm has done extensive testing on finishes and here's what she said.

"Varathane has the best adhesion to a PC piece if you use the gloss--the particulates in the semi and satin make it not adhere well. Also, the glossier the clay, the more difficult--use alcohol to remove any oils if needed, and if you are using trans or GITD or Kato clays you may need to apply the thinnest little layer of the liquid clay first, to give the piece some "tooth" for the Varathane to hold onto. I apply it with a makeup sponge or a drop or two then smear with a finger, bake for ten minutes. Then Varathane.

Future comes off with alcohol or with many kinds of soap and water or any product with ammonia in it--like some hair mousse, some other hair products, and some perfumes too."

Posted at 2:52pm Oct 11, 2007 EDT

ClayCrazy says

Try www.polymerclayexpress.com you can get small quantities there. The shipping charges are pretty reasonable also. BUT, you can use ANY water-based interior polyurethane, Minwax is also used by other polymer clay artists. I happen to use one by Olympic. I like it. I couldn't find the Varathane in my area either.

Posted at 2:58pm Oct 11, 2007 EDT