how much weight is a small 4x7 padded envelope for paypal shipping

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Original Post

Hi help! Finally I am doing my shipping online. Could someone tell me how much weight to put for usps parcel post for a small padded envelope 4x7 for weight catagory? thanks so much

Posted at 1:58pm Oct 16, 2007 EDT


LLing2303 says

for one piece of jewelry in a gift box, 2oz should be fine:)

Posted at 2:00pm Oct 16, 2007 EDT

Well it would depend on what you are putting in it. I'm not sure what you're asking. Just the envelope is less than 1 ounce. You should weigh it on a postal scale or take it to the post office. Good luck!

Posted at 2:01pm Oct 16, 2007 EDT

It depends on what you have in the envelope. I use a lot of these to ship my jewelry and the weight can be 2 to 3 ounces depending on the weight of the piece and the included paperwork I enclose. Usually it's 2 ounces. You might want to get a small postal scale to weigh your packages. Wal Mart has them and you can also get one through

Carol Ladine

Posted at 2:01pm Oct 16, 2007 EDT

You really have to get a scale and round up. For instance, if my package weighs 5 oz, I buy a 6 oz label. You have to do that.

Posted at 2:03pm Oct 16, 2007 EDT

Some of my necklaces run 3 oz - and most of the time I can fit 2 items in an envelope. My suggestion would be to invest in a small postage scale. You can also make one trip to the post office and use their free scale (you know- the do-it-yourself postal center but don't complete the transaction) to find an average of what your items would weigh for shipping. I picked a slow night and took a couple of samples in to weigh them out accurately. This will ensure you're paying enough postage and your customer doesn't wind up having to pay something on their side when they get their goodies :)

Posted at 2:03pm Oct 16, 2007 EDT

thanks everyone

Posted at 2:04pm Oct 16, 2007 EDT

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