please let me win the lottery tonight

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Original Post

weedoodles says

so i can call into work tomorrow

Posted at 11:06pm Oct 17, 2007 EDT


yoboseiyo says

hahahahaah! good luck!

Posted at 11:06pm Oct 17, 2007 EDT

freelancer says

So that I can pay off all my student loans and use my wages to buy cool Etsy stuff instead.

Posted at 11:06pm Oct 17, 2007 EDT

I ain't stoppin' ya.

Posted at 11:06pm Oct 17, 2007 EDT

weedoodles says

i would be so happy if i never had to see that one hag again. i have super hate for her.

Posted at 11:08pm Oct 17, 2007 EDT

freelancer says

Best of luck to you, then =) When you win, you'll be the new boss in town.

Posted at 11:15pm Oct 17, 2007 EDT

I won 2 weeks ago. Rub me for luck!

Unfortunately, it wasn't enough to not go into work the next day. BUT, it is enough that i'm quitting tomorrow.

Posted at 11:16pm Oct 17, 2007 EDT

kobedog says

good luck with that. :)
bean, seriously?! jealous...

Posted at 11:17pm Oct 17, 2007 EDT

freelancer says

Congrats, Bean!

Etsy seems to be a good luck place. I've seen a couple of threads started by lotto winners.

Posted at 11:18pm Oct 17, 2007 EDT

weedoodles says

congrats bean

i thought the numbers would be shown by now...but NOOOO guess i'll go to bed cause i'm sick of waiting.

Posted at 11:20pm Oct 17, 2007 EDT

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