In need of opinions on Primary and Secondary shipping prices

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friedokra says

Now that's just weird. Why would it add all the secondary's together? Hm... I would have assumed it would have taken the higest primary then added the other item's secondary's to it. Did you ask admin about it?

Posted at 7:40pm Oct 19, 2007 EDT

Yes indeed, the way shipping works as is follows:

1. We take the highest primary shipping cost in the order
2. We add in the secondary shipping costs of all the other items in the order

So if you have two different items, both marked at $2.00 primary and $0.00 secondary, the total shipping will come out to $2.00 .

Posted at 7:40pm Oct 19, 2007 EDT

It seems like several of the admin are fairly new and maybe they really didn't know, or they misunderstood something. I can't imagine that they would change this. Especially without letting us know in a big way.

Posted at 7:40pm Oct 19, 2007 EDT

friedokra says

Yay! I love the confidence RevolvingDork!

So no "Magic Free Shipping" with the $0.00 Secondary shipping price. And is MaryElizabeths fixable?

Posted at 7:42pm Oct 19, 2007 EDT

Let me go and re-check this. I can be a dork sometimes.

Posted at 7:44pm Oct 19, 2007 EDT

crostini says

Yay, just as I remembered it.
How soothing!
Thanks RD

Posted at 7:44pm Oct 19, 2007 EDT

What, no one believed me? :)

Posted at 7:45pm Oct 19, 2007 EDT

*whispers* we always count on you, simplysusan

Posted at 7:48pm Oct 19, 2007 EDT

I secretly wondered about this I have heard from the admin Gods..we mere Etsy mortals don't compete :)

Posted at 7:48pm Oct 19, 2007 EDT

friedokra says

I think we were all right! I just needed to double check and get info on my side to get some... thing... done... um... can't really talk about it :)

Posted at 7:49pm Oct 19, 2007 EDT