How to use flickr to get exposure for your etsy shop

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Original Post

dottyral says

There seem to have been a few threads lately about how/where to promote. Many newbies seem to not know about flickr.

It's a place to house your photos. People will see them and hopefully visit your etsy shop because of it.

You are NOT allowed to put your etsy address on your photo descriptions. You CAN have your etsy address in your profile.

If you put etsy links in your photos, you can be booted from flickr. It's happened.

You CAN use etsy as a tag. I also use my shop name, dottyral, as a tag.

Join lots of groups. There are plenty of etsy groups. There are also groups for all kinds of things - general handmade items, crafts, hats, jewelry, shoes, purses, you name it.

Send your photos to the groups that you join to get more exposure.

You can find groups here.
Take a look at my groups and join some of them if they suit you and what you make.

Oh, be sure to read the rules on each group's page. Some are very specific about what types of photos you can send.

You can also make "contacts". It's like a "friend" on other sites. All of my contacts on flickr are fellow etsians. I have 214 of them. If you see an etsian on flickr, add them as a contact and they'll probably add you back.

Your contacts will see your photos on their flickr homepage and of course they can click on you anytime to check out your photos.

It only takes a minute to add a photo or two to flickr and send them to a few groups.

Here's my flickr -

Feel free to add me as a contact and I'll add you back.

If you already have a flickr account, add it here if you'd like more contacts.

Posted at 5:26pm Oct 21, 2007 EDT


This ia a great idea, dotty. Here's mine:

Posted at 5:43pm Oct 21, 2007 EDT

wonderful information!
I also add 'etsy' as a tag on my pictures. When I spoke to flickr several months ago, I asked them if it was OK to do this and their answer was "at this time we have no problem with it".

this is me:

And if you're a gardener, join our Etsy Gardening group:

Posted at 5:46pm Oct 21, 2007 EDT

Thanks for sharing this!

I know I've had at least one order (resulting in the sale of 2 custom bibs) via my flickr account. And who know's how many others...

Posted at 5:47pm Oct 21, 2007 EDT

khphillips says

thanks for starting this thread! Wonderful info. I just joined flickr to participate in an Etsy Mudteam challenge, but I think i need to put some more energy there.

Posted at 5:49pm Oct 21, 2007 EDT

oic good info

Posted at 5:49pm Oct 21, 2007 EDT


Posted at 5:51pm Oct 21, 2007 EDT

dottyral says

Thanks all. Glad I could help. I know of a few sales I've had because of flickr. One person even came and joined etsy to buy something. That was pretty fun.

Feel free to put links to more groups that you've joined.

I'll add some in a little while

(Gotta go finish making dinner. The garlic bread will NOT burn tonight because I wouldn't leave etsy!)

Posted at 5:51pm Oct 21, 2007 EDT

donnapool says

I know of at least one sale I made because of Flickr...for something I didn't even have listed in my shop, but because they'd seen a picture of a pile of my vintage camera buttons, they asked and I made a custom listing of just the cameras they requested. Here's my link:

Posted at 5:52pm Oct 21, 2007 EDT

juliajae says

marking :)

Posted at 5:53pm Oct 21, 2007 EDT