Find The Paper Pumpkin!! Contest Sponsored by EtsyScrap!

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Original Post

AliV says

EtsyScrap, a new street team on Etsy for those who make or use scrapping items, is hosting their first contest on Etsy. This contest will run till the 30th. With the winner announced on the 31st!!

Those participating will search through the shops, write down the shop name & the listing where the pumpkin is, and then once finished send me (Aliv) a convo with their results.

This contest is '"Find the Paper Pumpkin". In thirteen different shops a pumpkin with the words "EtsyScrap" (the orange pumpkin must say "EtsyScrap" on it).

If more the one person gets the answers correct, will pull a winner out of a hat and the winner ups will receive a consolation prize of some sort!

Who's ready to play?

Posted at 8:10am Oct 22, 2007 EDT


just browse for etsyscrap and have a look at the items in the shops you find... The pumpkin can be found as an image among the item photos

Posted at 8:47am Oct 22, 2007 EDT

AliV says

I'm ready

etsyscrap are you ready?

Posted at 9:25am Oct 22, 2007 EDT

TagYourIt says

I'm ready Ali!!!:)

Posted at 9:27am Oct 22, 2007 EDT

AliV says

Let the fun begin!!

Posted at 9:29am Oct 22, 2007 EDT

This sounds like fun! I'm going to tell my EtsyNJ street team about it!

Posted at 9:34am Oct 22, 2007 EDT

AliV says

Thanks Melissa I appreicate!

Really great & all homemade prizes!!!

Posted at 9:35am Oct 22, 2007 EDT

AliV says

Lots of fun with this contest!!

Posted at 9:39am Oct 22, 2007 EDT

Good Luck Everyone!!!

Posted at 9:43am Oct 22, 2007 EDT