I need something to cut out felt shapes. Is there a gadget.

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Original Post

Hello fellow etsyians!

I make a variety of things out of felt. Even with good scissors, it is a pain to cut felt shapes with some degree of detail such as flowers.

Is there a machine that I can buy that does this that doesn't cost a million dollars?

Also I have seen felt shapes but they have sticky backs and I want mine to be plain felt.


Posted at 1:58pm Oct 24, 2007 EDT


You might look into some of the die cut machines that scrapbookers use -- I think some of them are good for felt. You might start with Cricut.

Posted at 2:01pm Oct 24, 2007 EDT

Thanks. I looked at some gadget from scizzix but think its just for paper.

Posted at 2:02pm Oct 24, 2007 EDT

papersilly says

sizzix makes a larger machine that cuts felt. you may have just seen the smaller sidekick machine that only cuts papers.

in order to cut felt, you have to use the thicker, steel ruled dies that sizzix, accucut, or cuttlebug makes. the wafer thin dies will not cut felt.

machines that can cut felt are: The Big Shot, Zip 'e mate, Revolution, and Cuttlebug. these are crank handle machines. i own the Cuttlebug and used to own the Zipemate. i use it to cut felt, paper, chipboard with those thick dies that i mentioned. the only downside is that your shapes are limited to the dies available and the dies aren't cheap especially if you want to own a lot of them at one time. convo me if you have any other questions.

Posted at 2:07pm Oct 24, 2007 EDT

thanks papersilly. I didn't want to make a ton so probably not a good idea to invest in the machine.

Somebody should sell felt shapes. I searched and found nobody. :(

The search is so hard to wade through. I'm thinking this is why ebay has a want it now. I get much better results just asking her.

Posted at 2:10pm Oct 24, 2007 EDT

bigbluebed says

Hello. Maybe you could ask in the Promotions thread for felt shapes and someone may be able to help.

Posted at 2:12pm Oct 24, 2007 EDT

Someone does!!! Let me go dig up her shop...

Posted at 2:13pm Oct 24, 2007 EDT

Here you go, she sells die-cut felt flower shapes in a variety of colors:


Posted at 2:14pm Oct 24, 2007 EDT

Thanks! I gave up my search after 20 minutes of irrelevant results

Posted at 2:15pm Oct 24, 2007 EDT

yes, I stumbled on her shop one day and hearted it, she has a wonderful selection and I'm sure she would probably do custom orders if requested.

Posted at 2:16pm Oct 24, 2007 EDT

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