Etsy Press Kit?

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Original Post

lastrose says

Does anyone know if there is any way to get a Press Kit or Press Release sent to a newspaper? I've been talking to our leisure living editor and she's considering putting in an article about Etsy, but it would be easier if she had info from them.

Posted at 8:00am Oct 26, 2007 EDT


Perhaps you could contact Matt (who handles marketing) at

Posted at 8:04am Oct 26, 2007 EDT

lastrose says

Thanks, Karina...I'll give it a shot!

Posted at 8:06am Oct 26, 2007 EDT

Pollys says

If there is such a thing I would be happy to send to some magazines over here if they can send to me first. I am not shy to do some shouting... we in UK need to shout to let others know about etsy.

Posted at 8:26am Oct 26, 2007 EDT

lastrose says

I ended up on the home page...there's a link at the bottom..."press"...guess that's as good as it gets. I was hoping to be able to order a packet with photos and a really upbeat press release.

Posted at 8:41am Oct 26, 2007 EDT

wonderamy says

The Etsy Press kit has a great video (or electronic press kit) on it, examples of lots of press clippings, and downloadable images.

I know that Matt has been working on press releases for our new Holiday Initiative,

We also have just published a guide in the Teams section of the site called "How to write a killer press release for your Etsy Team Event," which has some simple guidelines about making a great press release:

Thanks for helping spread the word about Etsy!

Posted at 8:49am Oct 26, 2007 EDT


Posted at 8:53am Oct 26, 2007 EDT

YetiTracks says

bookmarking too

Posted at 8:59am Oct 26, 2007 EDT


Posted at 9:23am Oct 26, 2007 EDT

lastrose says

Thanks, wonderamy! I've been offline and just got back to read your message. Is there someplace to email the newspaper's name/address to be put on a snail mail list to get a press release...the sooner, the better, with the upcoming holidays!

Posted at 11:55am Oct 26, 2007 EDT