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Original Post

dmriceart says

This is the New Beginning!This thread is for the DAILY CREATIONS GROUP Add your Photos to this thread.

Create Daily... Starting today!


See you later with Photos!

Posted at 7:41am Nov 5, 2007 EST


DreamON says

OK I don't read well either apparently. Just saw new thread post. How hard is it to set up a blog, compared to setting up your Etsy shop? Do you have to know HTML?

Posted at 7:53am Nov 5, 2007 EST

DreamON says

By the way I am interested in doing a painting a day. Good motivator.

Posted at 8:15am Nov 5, 2007 EST

dmriceart says


Yeah! Convo me if you need help doing the blog... I am not sure I can walk you thru it, but I can try!

Posted at 9:17am Nov 5, 2007 EST

Very cool feature! I left you a comment. :-)

Posted at 9:57am Nov 5, 2007 EST

I am making an aceo a day. My goal is to make 100 aceo's and maybe put all on etsy. I am close to that amount now.I wonder how many pages that will be on etsy?
Dmriceart I believe I hearted you before, will check. Also like your blog and will put your site on mine.
Here is my blog.

Posted at 10:06am Nov 5, 2007 EST

dmriceart I just put your blog on my site.

Posted at 10:10am Nov 5, 2007 EST

dmriceart says

Thanks much, pelecypods!

Are you going to do it!? :O) I hope?

Posted at 10:26am Nov 5, 2007 EST

dmriceart says

Sarah, Thanks for the positive! I hope this grows into a motivator for many!

Would love to have you join in!
I just started a links area ... so...? :O)

Posted at 10:34am Nov 5, 2007 EST

dmriceart says

Today's creation... ( sitting on my floor, not yet framed)... LOL!

Anyone want to share today?

Posted at 4:15pm Nov 5, 2007 EST