Unpolitically correct rant!

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Original Post

and I'm so proud of that! I don't get mad when I hear a man make a 'woman' joke. I don't care if you call me a 'cracker'. It doesn't bother me if you think I'm a 'fat,lazy American'. I'm not going to be offended if you stereo-type me for being blond. You know why? Because at some point in my 30+ years, I have likely been every one of those things. So what? I can laugh at myself. I'm not afraid to say that I've done some really stupid, insensitive things.

However, be aware that I am likely going to use many politically incorrect terms, too. It's not because I'm racist or sexist or any other 'ist'. It's because, sometimes, it's just funny, or fitting, or maybe I'm just trying to get a point across and that's all I can come with on short notice.

I think the whole world needs to take a collective deep breath and quit worrying about words and labels.

Carlos Mencia is my HERO!


I think I'm done. Go ahead. Blast me. I can take it!

Posted at 9:07am Nov 5, 2007 EST


POW! No...I agree...within reason we're all a bit to sensitive at times...within reason...

Posted at 9:09am Nov 5, 2007 EST

LOL I hear ya. I love Carlos Mencia too. I saw him in DC last year and couldn't stop laughing on the way home.

Posted at 9:10am Nov 5, 2007 EST

oh, man, pegasus...I bet that was a fantastic show!

Posted at 9:10am Nov 5, 2007 EST

I am so agreeing with you.

Posted at 9:13am Nov 5, 2007 EST

OH it was awesome plus I got a chance to meet him downstairs after the show. LOL He was still making me laugh. But I understand what you are saying though. People just take things too seriously.

Posted at 9:14am Nov 5, 2007 EST

pookeh says

i'm all about unPC-ness.

and guess what? I'm Asian. . . (whispers). . .and I'm a *horrible* driver. oh, the shame, the shame!!

people are just waaaaaay too senstivie these days. *rolls eyes* good for you.. spread the good word, tamara. :D hehe.

Posted at 9:14am Nov 5, 2007 EST

dee de dee

Posted at 9:16am Nov 5, 2007 EST

Yes, but if your unPC-ness hurts other people, you might want to rethink your game plan. =P

Posted at 9:16am Nov 5, 2007 EST