Disturbing Flickr Discovery

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Original Post

catrocks says

Ok. I was whipping around new Flickr pics and came across ANOTHER bizzaro category of fetish worship... adult males who collect Barbies with "everflex bodies", augment them so they are anotomically Playboy-esque, dress and undress them in sexual poses...photograph them, post them into detailed collections and share with other who do the same.


Posted at 7:30pm Nov 5, 2007 EST


An intention for Barbie Dolls that presumably Mattel never intended!

Posted at 7:31pm Nov 5, 2007 EST

PamC says

thats nice i hope none live by me

Posted at 7:32pm Nov 5, 2007 EST

wait, that's not what you're supposed to do with them?

Posted at 7:32pm Nov 5, 2007 EST

catrocks says

yes. Huh is right. my eyes are burning.

Posted at 7:32pm Nov 5, 2007 EST

I wanna link! haha. No really, I wanna see it.

Posted at 7:32pm Nov 5, 2007 EST

Wow, that's um.....kinda sad. Definitely disturbing.

Posted at 7:33pm Nov 5, 2007 EST

amuse says

are you sure that's not what Matel intended????

They do have big boobs!

Posted at 7:33pm Nov 5, 2007 EST

Eeeeewwwww! LOL

Posted at 7:33pm Nov 5, 2007 EST