Do mice actually make squeaky noises?

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Original Post

I seem to have mice in the house, which I've been trying to catch with humane traps--apparently they're too smart for me.

Anyway, I'm sitting here working and I hear this rustling noise that's creeping me out a little, and then some hihg-pitched squeaking. It sounds like what I would imagine a mouse would sound like, but I really have no idea. Could it be?

I don't really mind their being here, but it would be great if they kept it down a bit. They're freaking me out!

Posted at 12:35am Nov 7, 2007 EST


Yes they squeak. They will only get worse as they breed and have more and more babies. :(

Posted at 12:36am Nov 7, 2007 EST

yes, they do!

Posted at 12:36am Nov 7, 2007 EST

Oh, lord. This is the first time I've had them in the house (that I know of), so I'm at a loss. Maybe I need more traps? I only have two...

Posted at 12:38am Nov 7, 2007 EST

karabu says


And I remember reading once, in case you have a cat on a diet - they're about 30 calories each.

Posted at 12:38am Nov 7, 2007 EST

artbyree says

Peanut butter is the best bait if you are trying to use a trap (humane or otherwise)... good luck! ;o)

Posted at 12:41am Nov 7, 2007 EST

Yes...they do! My sweet daughter caught a wild mouse while helping a friend's parents move. She brought him home...then felt bad and decided to let him go...


Needless to say, he ran back in...and procreating, I'm sure. He was in the house for a while...but I haven't heard him all week...

Posted at 12:42am Nov 7, 2007 EST

Talula says

yes. I won't go in to detail, but they can be really loud when there's a cat involved..... :(

They are so cute, but they carry all sorts of diseases. There are humane traps out there. Just ask HerMajestysRoyalBags. She's an expert on the mouse, catch and release program. :)

Posted at 12:47am Nov 7, 2007 EST

Well, I guess that's what I heard then. I was kind of hoping they had moved on. It's frustrating because I think I know right where they are, but they're not falling for my traps. But I've been using the lure gel stuff that came with them, rather than peanut butter, so I'll give that a go tomorrow night and hope for the best.

Thanks for the tips, you guys. :o)

Posted at 12:50am Nov 7, 2007 EST