"Don't whine about it, Hit Her Back!"

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Original Post

I actually heard a mother say this to her children today, and did a double take. I just couldn't believe she would say that!

Granted I'm not a parent, but I can't understand actually encouraging your children to fight.

Your thoughts? Would you say that to your children??

Posted at 5:17pm Nov 8, 2007 EST


No way.

Posted at 5:17pm Nov 8, 2007 EST

stephaniek says

Yuck. Never.

Posted at 5:18pm Nov 8, 2007 EST

My dad always said "dont whine about it, fix it"
but that didnt apply to hitting people.

Posted at 5:19pm Nov 8, 2007 EST

Wow, I wonder what will happen when those kids have to interact with other's in school and in life.

Posted at 5:19pm Nov 8, 2007 EST


Posted at 5:19pm Nov 8, 2007 EST

No I would not say that to any child, but I do know plenty of parents who would, my sis in law particularly.

I dont encourage violence in my child and often want to step in when I see other peoples children hitting.

Posted at 5:19pm Nov 8, 2007 EST

picklepot says

sad :(

Posted at 5:19pm Nov 8, 2007 EST

Well, if it were a sibling that had been snarky all day and worn out mom's patience too...I could see that happening...

Posted at 5:20pm Nov 8, 2007 EST

handsewn says

that's kind of messed up- i have 4 and havent used that one yet- oh wait! once when my 3 year old was smashing my 6 year old I let her hit her back just hard enough to teach her a lesson. Now she rarely gets hit by her little sister.

Posted at 5:21pm Nov 8, 2007 EST