Turkey Pole

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Original Post

White meat, dark meat, tofu turkey?

I like white. And then tofurkey. I don't like dark meat.

And you?

Posted at 9:00am Nov 9, 2007 EST


maggiejs says

white meat.

never had tofurkey, but not a huge fan of tofu, so...

Posted at 9:01am Nov 9, 2007 EST

FeralGlass says


Posted at 9:01am Nov 9, 2007 EST

i like both white and dark!

Posted at 9:02am Nov 9, 2007 EST

stuffing? :)
It depends on what kind though.

Posted at 9:03am Nov 9, 2007 EST

You mean poll. Turkey pole conjures up a whole different image.

dark meat.

Posted at 9:03am Nov 9, 2007 EST

Not a fan of turkey meat... When I had Turkey Lou (my pet turkey) a friend of mine bought me a t-shirt that had a turkey holding up a sign that read "Eat Pizza".. always made me giggle =)

Posted at 9:04am Nov 9, 2007 EST

oh f*ck. thanks ross! yes i mean poll

Posted at 9:04am Nov 9, 2007 EST

KiWiCuties says

I thought maybe the Turkey Pole was an early Festivus thing...

Posted at 9:05am Nov 9, 2007 EST