OMG, I have never been so embarrassed!

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Original Post

We were at the mall this morning and I decided to go into the hall and sit on a bench with my kids while my husband checked out at the Radio Shack.

There was a woman sitting on the bench next to us nursing her baby. She was wearing a button up shirt and instead of discreetly lifting the bottom of it she had pulled her breast out the top and was holding it there for the whole world to see.

My two year old daugter asked what the lady was doing the lady answered before I could, "I'm feeding the my baby the right way, not like the botttle your brother has".

Yes, my 8 month old son was holding a bottle, OF WATER!
I was so shock that I couldn't say anything!

Soon my husband comes out of the store and he's staring at the lady with a puzzeled look. "What's the matter," she asked him. "Haven't you seen a breast before"? My husband polietly answers "Yep, lots of them". The lady called my husband a pig and started screaming at him.

She yelled and yelled until security came. She told them that my husband was a pervert and it's men like him that make it hard for women to nurse in public.

Security called the police and we were escorted out of the mall! Luckly there were enough on lookers to tell the police the lady was out of line and my husband had done nothing wrong!

I have never been so embarassed in my life!

For the record my son is still nursing and I breastfeed my daugter until she was over a year old. My husband totally supports breastfeeding.

Posted at 12:19pm Nov 9, 2007 EST


Roxymoxi says

Wow. That was one crazy bitch. I would have just reached out, honked her boob and run!

Posted at 12:21pm Nov 9, 2007 EST

BugEater says

omg what a psycho!
i bet she was doing it on purpose too!

Posted at 12:21pm Nov 9, 2007 EST

reqbat says

some people are just wacked out of their minds, for realz.

Posted at 12:21pm Nov 9, 2007 EST

Someone just looking for a fight. She probably needs meds :o)

Posted at 12:21pm Nov 9, 2007 EST

Roxymoxi says

What is wrong with ladies that nurse in public? It's cool if you Drape a Cloth Over The Breast. Other than that, you're just asking for people to stare!

Posted at 12:21pm Nov 9, 2007 EST

...and the poor child that will have to call her 'Mother'.

Posted at 12:22pm Nov 9, 2007 EST

Oh wow! She had no reason to be that defensive about it.

Posted at 12:22pm Nov 9, 2007 EST

She should have done with world a favor and refrained from breeding.

Posted at 12:22pm Nov 9, 2007 EST

Oh my goodness. That's....just crazy.

Posted at 12:23pm Nov 9, 2007 EST