Sucks to be poor and without heat or water in NYC.

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Original Post

kateblack says

The number for "emergency assistance" goes to a recording that says "This office is closed through Monday, for the Veteran's Day Holiday. Please DO NOT leave a message, because no one will be here to take your call until Tuesday, November 14th."

Posted at 10:25pm Nov 9, 2007 EST


Ugh...kateblack, I'm so sorry!!

Posted at 10:30pm Nov 9, 2007 EST

johnclark says

oh man, can you make it to Michigan? I have a spare bedroom with your name on it.

Posted at 10:31pm Nov 9, 2007 EST

Wow. johnclark's never asked me over. That's quite something!

Posted at 10:41pm Nov 9, 2007 EST

kateblack says


I could live without the heat, but I was operating under the assumption that we still had cooking-gas (ovens for heat!) and hot water. The fire department turned everything off. Keyspan turned hot water and cooking gas back on. But they must have shut those off again.

Now that the stupid tree has gone up in Rockefeller Center, the cheap hotels are $300+ a night. It's tourist Xmas season.

Posted at 10:43pm Nov 9, 2007 EST

Oh, no, Kate .... come on down here with me!!!

Posted at 10:44pm Nov 9, 2007 EST

fubabee says

Craigslist. Comfy rooms. Good deals.

Posted at 10:47pm Nov 9, 2007 EST

kateblack says

I hate the landlord.

Fucking irresponsible, weaselly shitbag. In a nice fucking warm apartment. In China.

Posted at 10:47pm Nov 9, 2007 EST

i'm sorry. :/

Posted at 10:48pm Nov 9, 2007 EST