Snobs come in many shapes and colors

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Original Post

The older I get, the more I understand this.

Posted at 10:04am Nov 13, 2007 EST


Yeah...I'm about 5'4...white...


Posted at 10:04am Nov 13, 2007 EST

It's the non-snob snobs (or reverse snobs) that amaze me.

Posted at 10:07am Nov 13, 2007 EST

leeleeoh7 says

What's a reverse snob?

Posted at 10:11am Nov 13, 2007 EST

Alyburd says

I'm uppity! (according to my MIL) It's not my fault I use 3 syllable words. :(

Posted at 10:12am Nov 13, 2007 EST

I did a thread not too long ago, asking how many reverse snobs there were here:

Posted at 10:13am Nov 13, 2007 EST

twosuns says

I was once friends with a girl who was ne of those "i've had better" snobs... though she was a funky, funny, artistic-type... take her to a new restaraunt that is totally awesome "oh the "such and such" was so better at this other place"... take her to a cool shop "oh where I used to live there was this shop that was so much better..." I drove her to this free concert that she begged me to drive her to only for her to aske me to take her home halfway through because they weren't as good as she had expected them to be... I even went to a new synogoue (terrible spelling! sorry!)with her and she said "the rabbi at my old synogogue was better..."


I called her on it once

though we're not friends anymore...

Posted at 10:15am Nov 13, 2007 EST

catiesblue says

so true, fern, so true.

Posted at 10:18am Nov 13, 2007 EST

Sorry. I'm on the phone with my dad. Can't comment.

Posted at 10:24am Nov 13, 2007 EST

Reverse snobs?

People that are judgmental about the snobs?
People that are granola heads and judgmental about the yuppies?


Posted at 10:27am Nov 13, 2007 EST