Purse display ideas for craft shows...

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Original Post

33Clovers says

How do you diplay sorta large bags/puses on a table top display? Any ideas or suggestions?

Posted at 11:51am Nov 13, 2007 EST


dmriceart says

I have seen "Trees of dowels"... with a sturdy base that will hold the weight...

Posted at 11:53am Nov 13, 2007 EST

yippihippi says

cute idea, kind of like a hat rack but with more places to hang bags?

Posted at 11:54am Nov 13, 2007 EST

33Clovers says

thats a good idea....I'm traveling via train to the fair, so i'm looking for something lightweight, foldable?

Posted at 11:55am Nov 13, 2007 EST

Set out various baskets and boxes for the bags to sit in or drape across. I've seen suggestions of using a coat tree, but that's not table top.

Posted at 11:55am Nov 13, 2007 EST

33Clovers says

Yeah, i was thinking of cutting a coat rack to make it shorter..

Posted at 11:56am Nov 13, 2007 EST

I need to display mine at an upcoming show as well. But some of mine are the boxes so they just sit on the table, others I am making I'm not sure what to do with yet, since they are the soft kind.

Posted at 11:57am Nov 13, 2007 EST

you could bring broken down boxes and something to cover them with, do a kind of multi-level display, depending on how much stock you have. That might be kind of easy to carry on a train

Posted at 11:59am Nov 13, 2007 EST

P.S. all of the purses in your sold section are absolutely darling... I am hearting you. Can't wait till you have things activated again so I can get my greedy paws on them...

Posted at 12:00pm Nov 13, 2007 EST

marin says

i would just lay them all on the table, and maybe have like three stand things in the back to display your favorite three higher than the rest.

you can get those table clamp things at the hardware store that screw onto the table ledge.

.....if that makes any sence :)

Posted at 12:02pm Nov 13, 2007 EST