Save the World Sunday Sale November 25th

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Original Post

Some of us on the team will be having a super sale the Sunday after Thanksgiving. This forum is for those who are involved in this sale. Please let us know what you are offering.

For those of you who don't know Trashion is a term used for items made from recycled or upcycled materials. Trash = Fashion. You can help to save the world by buying re purposed hand crafted items this year.

I will be offering 20% off and free shipping on anything in my shop. My upcycled items are made from plexiglas/acrylic glass that was headed for the dumpster. Currently this selection contains small paintings and earrings.

Posted at 3:24pm Nov 17, 2007 EST


glorygifts says

Cool idea!

Posted at 4:02pm Nov 17, 2007 EST

Anybody interested in our upcoming sale?

Posted at 2:27pm Nov 18, 2007 EST

Any Trashion folks want to list what they have to offer?

Posted at 2:39pm Nov 18, 2007 EST

we are absolutely in!!
All our hoods will be 20% off in honor of folks buying eco-friendly gifts!

Posted at 5:02pm Nov 18, 2007 EST

Everything in my store will be 15% off on the 25th for Save the World Sunday!

Posted at 6:02pm Nov 18, 2007 EST

Wow fairy hats for sale!

Lilliputiondesigns, what cute dresses I just wish they were my big people size.

Posted at 7:02pm Nov 18, 2007 EST

We're going 20% off too!

Posted at 1:38pm Nov 19, 2007 EST

samann1121 says

Yep, my shop's giving 20% off all orders placed on Nov 25th.

Also, all items purchased through Dec 25th come with a free, upcycled gift tag!

Posted at 1:44pm Nov 19, 2007 EST

Wow...great sales!

Posted at 2:12pm Nov 19, 2007 EST