Are you married/with your same race?

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Ruthies, I've heard "bi-racial." I know several children who are bi-racial. Maybe it's too generic a term?

Posted at 11:04pm Nov 18, 2007 EST

ruthies if i may ask-how old is your daughter and is she "ok" with the son prefers "mixed" my daughter is only 8

Posted at 11:04pm Nov 18, 2007 EST

yeah i'm thinking new orleans needs to gets into the soulstice thing PIP when we start celebrating festivus in two weeks.just think of the incredible mix of food. yum!

Posted at 11:05pm Nov 18, 2007 EST

I like blaxican. It's cute and my kids say it with pride.


Posted at 11:05pm Nov 18, 2007 EST

mLee says

"much nicer than "oreo" or "zebra" ( George Jefferson, the Jeffersons)."

Me and my aunts got called oreo growing up. I'm not even part black but anybody stupid enough to say such a thing isn't going to get bogged down by details like that. Pooh face and monkey were also quite popular with the kids.

Posted at 11:05pm Nov 18, 2007 EST

emilini says

Interesting thread! and I don't find the question offensive at all.

I'm Asian (Vietnamese) and he's Caucasian (German, Polish, and Czech). Our two kids look like both of us...meaning they don't look more Asian or more Caucasian...just right in the middle if that makes any sense. :)

Posted at 11:06pm Nov 18, 2007 EST

Well I think it's a good word (bi-racial) that is. Making a generalization sometimes is better. There were hardly (by today's standards) any bi-racial kids when I was growing up. Today, kids with same race (or skin color) parents seems to be the growing exception, not the rule. Which, I think is cool.

Posted at 11:06pm Nov 18, 2007 EST

Man I haven't heard the word obtuse since geometry. Talk about bad memories.


word of the day toilet paper....just kidding, the word seemed to fit.


Posted at 11:07pm Nov 18, 2007 EST

Pretty my daughter is 17 and she likes it. She thinks it should be on all those dang forms. She continues to check the black, white and other box. What a trend setter. I prefer Mulatto, then next bi-racial. Mixed just reminds me of a Hines 57 pooch. But that's just me. I don't get all freaked out because someone uses it.

Posted at 11:08pm Nov 18, 2007 EST

BinarySoul says

<---according to my grandma we're dutch/spanish, and I get irish from my dad. she couldn't explain where the spanish came from but most of my family is very dark haired and olive skinned, or pale as all get out.

(i'm the pink haired one, not the dog, BTW.:D)

The boy claims he's welsh/french, but I still say "alien from a far distant galaxy. I have yet to see antennae but I'll bet you he hides em well.

Posted at 11:09pm Nov 18, 2007 EST