Myspace as a business tool

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Original Post

This is a new and updated version of this thread. Post your tips, suggestions, or questions about Myspace here!

If you're looking to add a few hundred Etsyers to your Myspace page, visit this thread and add your link to the end:

I will cut and paste helpful Myspace tips I've written in other forums, hopefully this will help everyone boost their marketing in time for Christmas!

Posted at 10:06am Nov 19, 2007 EST


Here is a tutorial on how I used Myspace to get started (it's kinda old, but still valid)-

From one brand new seller to another, I can say that what has
generated the most hits for me is my myspace page. I started all of
this up on Thursday. After putting my items on Etsy, I built a
Myspace page, and I blogged about some of my work.

Since I do fantasy art, I found other fantasy artists on Myspace, and
friended them. Then I spent 2 days maxing out my messaging and adding
abilities sending people invitations to come to my site and add me.
So far 250+ people have added me, and my profile is full of comments
from those that have added me. Not to mention, several people
messaged me back, and I have an opportunity to talk to those that
really like my work, and I think that building a personal
relationship with people is what brings dedicated fans to artists. I
also have over 200 people who haven't seen their invitation yet.

One tip for this: If you just send someone an add request, they are
more likely to think of it as spam than something they want to spend
their time on. Be sure to send a message with it, because it makes it
look like you took a personal interest in them, and that you're a
real person. All of the people that I sent invitations to were
friends of other fantasy artists (so I knew that they had and
interest) or were members of fantasy art lover groups (which I also
became a member of and posted messages) I wrote a standard letter of
invitation that read:

I have noticed that you have an interest in fantasy art, and would
like to invite you to the grand opening of my art studio! Feel free
to browse, comment, and if you see something you like, please visit
my store. You can help my studio grow by adding me to your friends,
and spread the word by telling your friends about me.

I thank you for your time,
Battlemaiden Studio

Then I wrote personalized replies to everyone who took the time to
write me a letter in return. My etsy views went through the roof, and
now I have a forum that I can use to get the word out to hundreds of
people who already like my work as soon as I have something new

Hope this helps, sorry if it's extremely wordy...


Now, my friend count is over 900, and most of those have added me, I don't have to hunt them down anymore :D

Another thing to keep in mind, if you're posting images in people's comment boxes (best way to advertise to their friends, while telling them you're still around :P) First, don't do it all the time. Once every two weeks is plenty. Also, keep images small and polite. And most importantly, if you're posting HTML in other people's comments, it's very rude not to allow it in yours. There are ways to limit the size of your comment box so it wont warp your page.

I have started adding a very small clickable image of my artwork to the bottom of invitations and responses, which sends people to my most recent listing if they click it. This is a great way to spread the word about new items, and it also keeps my artwork and personal style in people's minds, allows them to recognize me.

Hope this helps! You're welcome to ask me if you've got any other questions!

Posted at 10:07am Nov 19, 2007 EST

Helpful HTML tutorial:

To post an image, you need this code - <img src="image url"> You get the image URL by right clicking the image, and choosing "copy image address" from the dropdown menu that pops up.

To resize an image, you can specify how wide you want it to be. I did this in the code for your banner. It's very easy to change if you don't like the size I specified. It's just like this - <img src="image url" width=75%> You can have width equal a pixel size, such as width=450 (this is determined on a 72dpi scale) or a percentage, as it's shown.

To make a link active, to make text active, or to make an image clickable so that it takes you to a certain page, you need this code - <a href="url that you want to redirect to goes here">text or image code (as above) goes here</a>

So, to make your image clickable, it's written this way <a href="url of where you want to redirect"><img src="image url" width=a new size if you want></a>

Other HTML - <br> this makes a page break, it's very useful to separate paragraphs and pictures. Often, you'll want to use two of them <br><br>

<b> </b> This will make something bold. It's very useful to help text stand out that you're hotlinking. So <b><a href="link url">text that will be clickable</a></b>

<i> </i> Itallicized

<u> </u> underlined.

The HTML tute was cut from a convo I sent out to answer someone's questions about HTML, so that's where the references to "your banner" etc... come from. I had written some code for someone, and was explaining the breakdown.

Posted at 10:08am Nov 19, 2007 EST

How to avoid Phishing -

Phishing is a huge problem with Myspace, but there are a few simple things you can do to prevent it from happening to you.

First, what is Phishing? It's when someone uses a fake login page to steal your account information.

How do I know if I've been Phished? You probably wont, until your friends start to drop you like a hot potatoe.

What do Phishers do with my account? They don't lock you out, so you'll still have full access to your account. They use your account to post malicious messages to your friends, through comments, bulletins, and blogs.

How can I avoid being Phished? If you are logged into myspace, and you click on a link and a screen pops up (that looks very official!) saying "you need to be logged in to access that" or whatever, type into the url bar, and see if you really need to log in. If that page doesn't prompt you to log in, it was a Phisher. Never ever log in on a different page. or

What if I've already been phished? It's easy enough to fix. Just change your password. Now the phishers have no access to your account. You may also want to send out an apology over the bulletin feature so your friends know you didn't do it on purpose. Many times your friends will message you to let you know.

Things to look out for: anyone promising you something free, such as a Macy's card, "make your penis larger" pills, or anything like that. Also, anything promising you that if you click it, you will be able to see who visits your page - Myspace is designed so that this can not work, so anything claiming it does is malicious and either trying to get your account info, or will put a virus on your computer. Neither are good things ;)

Posted at 10:09am Nov 19, 2007 EST

most people use a page builder to make their pages eye catching, they're very easy to use and will save you lots of time.

There are two that you can try out. Just fill in what you want, and it will do the rest of the work for you. I always suggest keeping the colors very easy to read around, and dont make your background too distracting. The less that's going on on your page, the more people will be able to focus on you and what you're selling. A simple background is best.

Posted at 10:11am Nov 19, 2007 EST

***Tip*** (from CreativeSundries in a previous thread)

I have added a few things to our MySpace page, and just found out that you have to actually sign up for your URL separately. You can choose any url you want (after and that links to your myspace page. It was a message on my profile page telling how to do that.

Posted at 10:13am Nov 19, 2007 EST

Adding your Etsy Mini to your Myspace page:

Click on "Your Etsy" at the top of your page. Scroll down, and click on "Etsy Mini" (bottom left column). Choose how many columns and rows you'd like, then scroll to the bottom of the page and select the Flash version of the code. Open your Myspace page and click "edit profile" and paste the code anywhere you'd like it to be. I keep mine under the "general" section.

I've been asked how to leave the Etsy Mini application as a comment. This take a bit of HTML editing, but is pretty easy. First, if you plan to post this comment to several people, open up Notepad (MS Word doesn't work, as it changes the quotation marks to something Myspace wont recognize. Always write code in Notepad) paste the flash code in your notepad document.

At the very top, you're going to delete:
<table .."text-align: center;"><tr><td> (the .. is where url stuff will be)

Then scroll down a little bit and delete:
</td></tr><tr><td> and replace it with <br>

Then go to the very bottom of the code and delete:

This should make it so that you can cut and paste your Etsy Mini into anyone's comments who allow HTML. Try not to make it too big, since people may see that as an annoyance. Also, try to say something before hand, such as "I hope you're having a wonderful holiday season!" or "Be sure to buy handmade for the holidays!" then post your mini underneath that.

Posted at 2:50pm Nov 19, 2007 EST

I'd love to hear other people's success stories or tips in using Myspace as a business tool! Also, you're welcome to post questions and let others try to help you out

Posted at 4:16pm Dec 3, 2007 EST

Thanks for the tips BattleMaiden! :)

Posted at 3:38pm Dec 7, 2007 EST

Thanks for providing such detailed info, BattleMaiden! I'm bookmarking this for future use.

Posted at 3:47pm Dec 7, 2007 EST