How to stop copper tarnishing?

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Original Post

I'm just wondering what sellers of copper jewelry do to stop it tarnishing. Do you coat it with something?
Thanks :)

Posted at 6:30pm Nov 19, 2007 EST


I often work with copper and there are ways to stop the tarnishing,if that's what you really want to do. If a buyer is very sensitive and copper turns his/her skin can seal it. Personally, I love the patina when copper starts to turn, but then, my stuff is weird anyway.
There are sealers that you can dip your piece in, or paint on. It should be good quality stuff, because if not, it could eventually crack, depending on the wear and tear. Rio Grande has some good stuff.

Posted at 7:07pm Nov 19, 2007 EST

Some people use a paste wax. I don't like any commercial finishes. Bad for the environment, I don't know about your skin.

Posted at 7:08pm Nov 19, 2007 EST

I'm with you, sherrytruitt. Bad for the environment, horrible if inhaled, can't be good for the skin....but people use it.

Posted at 7:11pm Nov 19, 2007 EST

Glad you think so too cyndie. Actually, I like the patina look of copper, and it's always easy to brighten it up with steel wool.

And, I like your work, so if your stuff is weird, I guess mine is too!

Posted at 7:15pm Nov 19, 2007 EST

I LOVE the warmth of the brown tones in slightly oxidized copper and use it rather than goldfilled, which always looks a bit brassy to me. I can hardly wait for the newest piece I made to turn, lol, it's got these Sleeping Beauty rondelles : and these faceted tigereye beads: I think it's going to be wonderful once it's nice and brown, lol. Good luck on keeping it orange!

Posted at 7:20pm Nov 19, 2007 EST

Sherry, your stuff is not weird. I love the earrings you have featured in your shop. Very cool.

Posted at 7:34pm Nov 19, 2007 EST

Thanks! I like the colours of oxidised copper too :) but I have a ring that just doesn't look good when the copper oxidises.....and I'm sick of cleaning it. Maybe I just need to learn to live with it!

Posted at 7:46pm Nov 19, 2007 EST

you can try a coat of clear nail polish too, but that may need to be reapplied every so often.

Posted at 9:37pm Nov 19, 2007 EST

I dip mine in Worstershire Sauce for 15 wonders!

Posted at 9:44pm Nov 19, 2007 EST