What items do you think are under-represented in the new Gift Guides

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and would like to see included in the queue of replacements? List them here :)

Might as well put them all in one spot :)

*I* think the delicate-dainty-small items for jewelry are under-represented. Yes, they are there in the Earring-one-bead category, but most of the bracelets/necklaces I saw were a lot more representative of the "chunky" style (which is IN, but those of us who love "delicate" won't buy them even if they are IN).

What do YOU think should be better represented as Gift Guide Slots sell?

Posted at 11:42pm Nov 20, 2007 EST


I haven't been able to look at the gift guides yet. Everytime I try I get an error message.

Posted at 11:46pm Nov 20, 2007 EST

juln says

The entire glass category?

Posted at 11:47pm Nov 20, 2007 EST

Juln, yes, I must admit, there were far and few glass items I saw.... And beadweaving was a bit non-existant....

Let's help the Etsy Admin know what to find to plug the gaps in the Gift Guides :)

Posted at 11:49pm Nov 20, 2007 EST



Posted at 11:50pm Nov 20, 2007 EST

Just kidding! :P

Posted at 11:50pm Nov 20, 2007 EST


Ha, no really. I think that things like the "shabby chic" look are under-represented. Also, more homestyle things that aren't so hipster-ish.

Posted at 11:51pm Nov 20, 2007 EST

Great minds think alike, TiasTreasures.

Posted at 11:51pm Nov 20, 2007 EST

Wire work.

Posted at 11:52pm Nov 20, 2007 EST


Posted at 11:53pm Nov 20, 2007 EST